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Castle! I think that was my favourite episode so far. There were so many bits that set me a-squeeing with their awesomeness.

One thing I didn't catch til my second viewing* was that the fact that the victim was bisexual wasn't commented on, wasn't made a joke of and wasn't the reason he was murdered. It was just there. NCIS? Take notes please.

And onto the fanservice )

And briefly in non-Castle related news -

I've just got an app for my iPhone called Best Camera‡, and have been playing around with it. The camera is the one part I don't like about the iPhone - it's shit, especially as my phone before had a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Ziess(sp?) lens. But I quite like some of the effects you can get with this app. You can see some of the results I got with it at my Best Camera Gallery. My favourite I've taken so far is this picture of the Second Severn Crossing.

We watched the first episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. And apart from the fact I have huge difficulties spelling Prairie, I loved it. So painfully funny. I'm going to leave off talking more about it until I watched more, but can someone point me towards the fic?

Dreamwidth now allows email posting for all account types and have up'd icon limits across the board...

...whilst LJ fails in it's news post.

Lastly, who's on GoogleWave? I need more people to talk to.

* OK so I've watched it three times since Tuesday. Shut up, I was clipping. ;-)
† I really like Doctor Holloway, can he come back?
‡ The best camera is the one you have with you.

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to say, did anyone else get stuck to the sofa?

Not only were my legs stuck to the sofa, but I couldn't move my arms or my head, and couldn't speak. Doug got heavy legs and that's it. Very weird feeling.

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I bought Fish Tycoon for the iPhone.

Can't post too busy breeding fish.

(Leverage: I liked how you turned out. <3)
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I just watched the Jonathan Creek episode Jack in the Box (S01E02). My main thought boils down to - Jesus mobiles were huge in those days. Also I doubt that they would show Maddy trying to drive and use the mobile at the same time nowadays, let alone make a joke of it.

I looked up the air dates and Maddy's last episode aired nearly nine years ago, which seems too long ago. Plus there weren't nearly enough of them.

I then watched Mother Redcap (S02E06) [the torrent is coming down really slowly, and it was the next complete file I had] which has one of the scenes of the entire series I'm most fannish about.

I mean, I don't really ship Maddy/Jonathan, but their relationship is one of the things that always made the show for me. I don't read it as consistantly sexual (although it has it's moments!), but they do care very deeply for one another. So whilst I love that they spend most of their time insulting each other and refuting any feelings, it makes those little moments where their love for each other shows all the more sweeter.

So Jonathan's "I could have killed you." has been most of the basis for my fannish love for the show.

I just wish David Renwick hadn't taken Caroline Quentin's going to ITV so personally. And based on Jonathan's line in the NY day episode, he's still pissed off by it. (I however am choosing to take the line as evidence that Jonathan feels the loss of Maddy much more than he feels Carla's. My fannish denial, let me show it)

Now I just have to wait for next episode to come down.

And if there's more than one person on my FL who cares about any of this I will me surprised.

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Jan. 15th, 2009 11:34 pm
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At 7:30 this evening, I led my head down on the sofa as we were watching TV. The next thing I know it's two hours later, and Doug's just about to start watching the Derren Brown show that was on the other night.

Consequently I have done nothing that I wanted do tonight. (Mainly carrying on clipping Middleman episodes for my vid).

And I also don't feel sleepy, even though I know I am tired.
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thanks to this article. (link via [ profile] musesfool. Gankable with credit


I have started to re-watch Jonathan Creek from the beginning episode, complete with Tony Head as Adam Kraus, Colin Baker as the murder victim and Alistair McGowan as Maddy's boyfriend. I still totally *heart* Maddy.



That is all.
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Doug and I sat down to watch episode 4 of Leverage. (And I so love Parker and Hardison)
And then Hannah woke up. As did Rebecca. And then Hannah woke up again. And again.

By the time I'd got both of them back to sleep, Doug had decided to go to bed, which means I've got to wait until tomorrow night to watch the rest of the episode.


We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's still quite disheartening - apart from the three nights at Vidukon, I haven't managed to sleep through the night since a month or two before the twins were born. I am TIRED.

(But Leverage! Glee! <3 <3 <3 <3 )


Jan. 10th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Watched Demons again tonight.

It fulfilled it's promise to be utterly crap and yet was marvellously fun to watch.

Instead of the story being about fake!Buffy Luke being trained by Fake!Giles Rupert I think it would far more interesting if it was Ruby being trained by Mina with Luke and Rupert providing distracting hijinks and bad accents in the background.

It was it me or was that the Holy Hand Grenade?
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...and it's all [ profile] halycon_shift fault.

I've just watched the first epsiode of Leverage.

I <3 Hardison. And Parker. And Sophie. And Nathan. And Spencer. (But particularly Hardison and Parker).
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Has anyone seen the trails on C4 for the Great British Food Fight? I totally less then three Hugh, Jamie and Heston. They're all so adorkable. I even find myself slightly liking Gordon Ramsey.

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Jan. 4th, 2009 08:21 pm
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Just started watching Demons, and fifteen minutes into it, the main comment I have on it is that Phillip Glenister's accent is very distracting.

(And the theme tune is surprisingly upbeat).

ETA Just got to the Stacks. Gosh, Buffy derivative much?

ETA2 Choice is for other people. Really, really derivative.


Jan. 3rd, 2009 06:35 pm
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He's younger than me.

He is considerably younger than me.

I really don't think I like that.

(I mean aside from the whole, can a 26 year play a nine hundred year old alien? thing, it's making me feel old. *cries* )

I'm really uncertain about him, but the montage they played of his previous work has mollified me enough that I've moved on from my initial reaction of Oh the Fuck No.

I am mourning Patterson Eleven though.

(A why so little of Six and Seven in the Who Through the Ages? *Sulks*)

And is there a comm for Eleven yet?
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"And her predecessor who pissed off to the states"

Call me a crazy denialist, but to me that screams a relationship that went badly and yet he still feels deeply.

(I want Maddy back).

(Return to form though. As much as I love Julia Sawalha, I hated Carla)
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I'm in the middle of writing up my con report, but i just wanted to say - seriously?

I mean, aside from the whole prank call fiasco, (and [ profile] rozk expresses my feelings exactly, although obviously I've never meet JR) really? Russell Brand? I'm sure he's just who the BBC want leading it's flagship family show. Plus he'd be fucking awful in the role.

It did make me laugh how everyone was almost uniformly "Ha ha, er no." in replying to her though.

In other news I have a stinking cold, and I wish I was back at VidUKon. (I also now own some awesome pink, purple and black striped fingerless gloves.)


Jul. 8th, 2008 09:13 pm
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Archaeologists are watching this and weeping.
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Oops! Sorry forgot the cut! )
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Holy Fuck.

I did not see that coming. )
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I have just watched the latest episodes of Numb3rs and SGA and they are making me exceedingly giddy.

Robin Hood )

Travellers )

However, I've been reading people opinions on the episodes and I just want to say this - STOP BEING SO FUCKING THREATENED BY THE WOMEN. You know it's great you like pretty boys together - I've read far more McKay/Shepherd than anything else in SGA, and whilst incest in Numb3rs squicks me and is one of my few non-slash fandoms, (excepting femslash cause Megan/Amita so, so hot) I will defend your right to write it. However talking about what a slut Amita is, and how Alan can't stand her, does not make your Don/Charlie or Colby/Charlie ship stronger or weaker. And constantly talking about how Lyrran (or Chaya) has no chemistry with John also has no bearing on how many times John has fucked Rodney til they both saw stars. Somebody does not have a finite amount of chemistry, that once spent with someone means they'll never have chemistry with anyone else. Some people have so much chemistry they have it with inanimate objects. (John/Ancient Technology OTP!). And when you constantly have to shout so loud about x's lack of attraction to a woman, I start to wonder why you are trying so hard to convince yourself.

(No really, please lay off Amita. She may not be as awesome as Megan, but that's purely lack of experience - give her a few years and she'll matching Megan awesome for awesome. And given that Megan is THE MOST AWESOME FEMALE CHARACTER ON TV TODAY, that's a hell of a lot of awesome. And FYI Alan loves her. She's his best chance of grandchildren)

Also for the record. AMITA IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC. And if you think so, Megan will be visiting you shortly to defend her girlfriend's honour.

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Apr. 13th, 2007 08:43 am
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My cousin has invited me to join facebook. Advantages to joining? Disadvantages to joining?

I am having my hair done today, and I have no idea what I want done. It's been over a year since I was last in a hair dressers, and I 'm torn between just having my hair trimmed, and letting it grow long for a while, and getting it cut short. At the moment it's a couple of inches past my shoulders. I'm probably am getting it dyed as well, most likely a pillar box red I had last year. Although Doug doesn't really like it, I love having hair that red. The only question is whether the red would clash with the pink in the dress I'm wearing to the twins christening on Saturday.

And in other news, HIGNIFFY tonight! I love the teasers they've been doing. Ian is such a ham.


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