Apr. 13th, 2007 08:43 am
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My cousin has invited me to join facebook. Advantages to joining? Disadvantages to joining?

I am having my hair done today, and I have no idea what I want done. It's been over a year since I was last in a hair dressers, and I 'm torn between just having my hair trimmed, and letting it grow long for a while, and getting it cut short. At the moment it's a couple of inches past my shoulders. I'm probably am getting it dyed as well, most likely a pillar box red I had last year. Although Doug doesn't really like it, I love having hair that red. The only question is whether the red would clash with the pink in the dress I'm wearing to the twins christening on Saturday.

And in other news, HIGNIFFY tonight! I love the teasers they've been doing. Ian is such a ham.
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Currently sat in an internet cafe, just outside Waterloo station. will go and meet up with other [livejournal.com profile] glovelove'ers in about fifty minutes, before going to see HIGNFY being filmed.

Journey up here was a bit of a pain, first of all we had an apology for the jerkiness of the train due to "leaves on the line, causing the train to lose friction with the teflon coating on the rails." Then there were speed restrictions all the way from Bath to Paddington, and then as we were pulling into Paddington, they also explained that one of the engines wasn't working properly. Hence the journey seemed to take forever. But, on the plus side I've managed to get one and a half stories written for [livejournal.com profile] crossovers100, which I'm pretty impressed with myself for. Now I've just got to get them beta'd and find out if they're any good.

Anyway, better go, as I'm going to try and grab some food before meeting up with the others. I don't know how well this will pan out, as I've managed to leave my sickness tablets at home. Oh joy.

ETA Spelling amended so it makes sense.
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How cool is this?

Ian does not love Piers though.
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Doctor Who third series confirmed Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  And Billie will return for the whole series two. (See icon for my reaction.) Plus the lovely BBC put the spoilers for saturday night's episode, beneath a spoiler warning and huge spoiler space.  Therefore I am still unspoiled for Saturday! Yay! *Hearts BBC muchly*

I was, earlier on in the week, feeling rather reluctant about PotW, mainly due to CE's leaving, but I'm now starting to get excited about DT's Doctor and although I know it's going to be Christmas before we get to see Ten in action properly. Still.  JUST TWO MORE DAYS TO GO.

I might have eaten a bit to much sugar tonight.

*Jumps up and polkas madly around the room*

Made a few new icons

1. Four More )

And a quick Higniffy bit before I go, I have a new OTP - Boris/The Gruffalo.  OK, so it's not series canon, but I think his blog should probably count as second level canon.  And the image of him reading The Gruffalo to a bunch of three year olds? Too cute for words. (The Gruffalo is my favourite book to read aloud to the boys)

PS I am sticking my tongue out whilst crossing my eyes at those people moaning about the newbie fans in the Doctor Who fandom at the same time as trying to establish their old skool fan cred.  Whilst my DW fannishness does not go back as far some (I was only born in '75) I have been a fan as long as I can remember (4th Doctor) complete with posters on walls (7th Doctor and Ace) and books and mechandise, and I still take great pleasure in squeeing like a school girl over the gorgeousnesss that is Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper and John Barrowman. 'cos whilst I uphold your right to enjoy the show with your sober, indepth analysis, I also uphold my right to blather on about OT3 and be completely shallow in the face of all this hawtness. And I tell you what? I'm so going to have fun doing so. So there!


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