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I meant to post this  a while ago, but kept on forgetting.

Title: Hours
Author:[ profile] thedivinegoat
Category: Gen
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: G
Spoilers: Frame Up
Summary: In all the time DiNozzo had been working on Gibbs’ team, he had never seen anything like it. Crossover with The Catherine Tate Show. (And bonus crossover at the end.)
Disclaimer: Not mine in the least.
Notes: I'm afraid unbeta'd. Feel free to point out mistakes. [ profile] crossovers100 prompt 06. Hours

It had been hours.  )
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[ profile] sangga  wrote me Doctor Who fic - Deshabille.

It's beautiful Doctor/Rose with dressing up, (or not).

Go and tell her how cool she is...

ETA [ profile] nostalgia_lj has done a photo guide to The New Season of Doctor Who
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There are too many damned Mary Sues in the LoTR fandom. Just too many.

Well if you can't beat them...

Title: Yet Another Mary Sue Hits Middle Earth Story
Author: Amaltheia
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: You know the drill. Yadda, yadda, yadda
Spoilers: None

Mary Sue Hits Middle Earth )


Jan. 10th, 2003 02:04 am
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I won an award.

Actually I won three awards - two seconds and a first place.

The results for the 2002 West Wing Fan's Choice Awards are in and I tied for second place in both Best Romantic Pairing for Josh/Donna, and Best Dramatic Short Story and I won First Place for Best Angst-Ridden Story.

You'll have to forgive me for being excited - this is the first award I've won for fanfiction - hell I've only ever posted three pieces of fanfiction ever, and this is the only West Wing fic. So to have it win any award at all, let alone first place.

Especially when it's placed above Beginning to Blur, by Rho Sen. I mean to be even nominated for the same award as one of her stories would have been an honour. But to win...

I've also been nominated for the Jeds, (Outstanding Angst, Outstanding Josh/Donna, Outstanding Reinvention of a Fandom Cliche) which I was quite excited about until I saw who had been nominated as well. Marguerite, Rho Sen & Jo March, Luna, Jae Gecko, Jeanine. All writers I admire and could never hope to match up to. Esp. Marguerite and Rho & Jo.

Well after the WWFCA's I'm hoping I might get into the final five. That would be very, very cool.

In case your wondering the story that won the WWFCA's and has been nominated for the Jeds can be found here - A Good Assistant
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Now this is going to come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well, but I daydream a lot. I always have done. My first conscious daydream that I can remember involved me battling the Wicked Witch of the West along side Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I was about six at the time.

Nowadays I tend to daydream about TV shows I've watched or movies I've seen, whatever captures my imagination. (I know that some of you out there are going to be looking down your noses at the grown woman who's freely admitted to daydreaming, but to hell with you I say. I had to stop playing imaginary games when I was eleven/twelve, I'm not giving this up.) But now there is a fly in the ointment. Mary Sue's stopping me from enjoying my daydreams.

Now I'm going to have to take a little detour for those of you unfamilar with the weird and wonderful world of fanfiction. Fanfiction is stories, written by fans about the shows, films, books etc they're into. (An example of good fanfiction would be - Letters and Papers from Prison) Mary Sue in the simplest terms is an original character who is perfect. She's beautiful, talented, charming and normally the focal point for the plot. Which is why a lot of people don't like reading Mary Sue fic's. (There are quite a few who quite enjoy them, and there is, believe or not, a Mary Sue Appreciation Society) For more on Mary Sue read here - here.

So my problem with Mary Sue is that I want to avoid her - in my fanfiction. And to this end I've read lots of very good articles on how to recognise her, and how to avoid her. Only all this kowledge is seeping into my daydreams., which unfortunate as it's all the things that makes Mary Sue bad, that makes a daydream enjoyable. It's frustrating when your mind starts trying to edit out Mary Sue charateristics from your dreamself - a persona that by definition should not be realistic. Daydreams are inherently fantastical and ego-centric.

So Mary Sue Killed my Dreams, and I want them back - there are worlds to be saved out there.
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Three Rings And A Book Of Poetry.

Genre: Slash, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Nothing to Fear (Season 1)
Summary: Ever since that night, they'd slept in the same bed.
Author's Note: Thanks to my beta's Maygra, Sharakh, and esp. Morgan.
Distribution/Archive: Ask and ye shall receive.
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me presently, have ever belonged to me in the past, or will ever belong to me in the future. Unfortunately.

Ever since that night, they'd slept in the same bed.


At first it was grief, shock, fear. The need to know that the other was still there.

At first they slept in Adam's bed in Sanctuary, creeping around the building afraid to disturb the ghosts they both sensed.


Before long it was the loneliness, the comfort of someone else who knew the same grief.

Before long they'd left Sanctuary behind, taking as much as they'd dared, laptops and data disks crammed with the knowledge Adam had left them. Hoping it would be enough.


Later it turned into need. Hands moving against slick bodies, limbs fluid and intertwined, mouths pressed against skin shiny in the heat, tongues sharing pleasure until that time forgotten.

Later, at the eighth apartment they had found in six months, three rings are placed on a book of poetry and set on the mantelpiece to watch over the room.


Sometimes Shalimar wakes screaming, remembering the dreams of fire Henry inflicted upon her. Sometimes in her dreams the man wielding the flame wears his face and sometimes wears Eckhart's. On other nights she remembers finding Adam.

Sometimes Emma wakes screaming, remembering a kiss that sucks the life out of her. Sometimes in her dreams she watches another woman die and knows that she will be next. On other nights she remembers Brennan and Jesses's blood running together.


It's been a year since that day and the latest town lies behind them. The Mexican border lies a couple of hours drive away, and without speaking they know it's where they're heading.

There's an uneasy sense of guilt that they're not carrying on Adam's mission, that they've let him down. They've tried to help, tried to protect but the loss is too recent, and the burden too much for the two of them. Shalimar wonders how Adam bore it when it was just him alone - without the team. Emma hopes he's at peace now.

They want to leave the memories behind, forget about the pain and the ache for a time. Emma wants to be able to tease Shalimar about her cat-like need to bask in the sun. Shalimar wants to try to make Emma blush by thinking dirty thoughts at her in public.

They cross the border and carry with them three rings and a book of poetry.
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Why is it, that out of all the shows I watch, it's the shallowest, most vacant show I watch that I keep on getting plot bunnies for?

Ah well, it's all good writing practice.

And at least I'm building contacts with potential betas.


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