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So my parents, in their infinite wisdom, named me Joanna and my sister Josephine, (for the record my parents are/were named Jenny and John - they swear blind the alliteration of our names wasn't deliberate) and we have mostly gone through life being known as Jo and Josie. Every now and then there would be confusion when one of my sisters friends would take it upon themselves to shorten her name further and phone up and ask for Jo.

Only now a newspaper has confused the two names and I read the article knowing it's about my sister, but I had this small creeping feeling it's about me. I know it's purely because I know the Jo they are referring to is my sister - I don't normally have this problem reading about Jo's (in case it sounds as if I'm seriously egotistical ;-)) - but it was a very weird feeling.

If anyone's interested in seeing how my kids are growing, I've stuck a batch of photos up at flickr - here.

My friend isn't actually mentioned in this article, but her mother and father in law are, as is her husband.

RTD goes to Hollywood - Awesome webcomic on how RTD's move to Hollywood could go.

This post is in support of PHSE being taught in schools. Warning: Triggery for rape and gang rape.

Does anyone else read the 99? I'm up to issue ten atm moment, (waiting for next month to buy some more), and I'm really enjoying it.

And finally I am being secretly judge-y about anyone/blog/article that asks 'where were you during the moon landing?' without the slightest nod to the fact that a significant part of their audience hadn't actually been born then.

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Jan. 3rd, 2009 06:35 pm
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He's younger than me.

He is considerably younger than me.

I really don't think I like that.

(I mean aside from the whole, can a 26 year play a nine hundred year old alien? thing, it's making me feel old. *cries* )

I'm really uncertain about him, but the montage they played of his previous work has mollified me enough that I've moved on from my initial reaction of Oh the Fuck No.

I am mourning Patterson Eleven though.

(A why so little of Six and Seven in the Who Through the Ages? *Sulks*)

And is there a comm for Eleven yet?
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Where's the smart money at?
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I'm in the middle of writing up my con report, but i just wanted to say - seriously?

I mean, aside from the whole prank call fiasco, (and [ profile] rozk expresses my feelings exactly, although obviously I've never meet JR) really? Russell Brand? I'm sure he's just who the BBC want leading it's flagship family show. Plus he'd be fucking awful in the role.

It did make me laugh how everyone was almost uniformly "Ha ha, er no." in replying to her though.

In other news I have a stinking cold, and I wish I was back at VidUKon. (I also now own some awesome pink, purple and black striped fingerless gloves.)
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So, my [ profile] vidukon premiere. Also known as "What don't you bastards just try looking happy. And Owen would it kill you to smile once in a while?"

Title: Song to Save a Life
Song: These are the Songs
Artist: Amy Wadge
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Summary: It's the people that surround us that keep us human.
Download: 48.4 mb AVI :: 24.5 mb AVI :: 24.2 mb mp4 (optimised for iPod Classic)
Notes: With thanks to [ profile] jmtorres for the hand holding at a ridiculously early hour in the morning.

Streaming version below cut )

PS If you like the music, please consider wandering over to or iTunes and buying some of her stuff, as she really is an amazing singer/songwriter and deserves to be more widely known. (And I'm not just saying that 'cos I went to school with her. ;-) )

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Oops! Sorry forgot the cut! )
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Holy Fuck.

I did not see that coming. )
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I've been reading a lot of the discussions going on about racism and sexism in New Who, particularly this post by [ profile] nostalgia_lj. And I've been nodding along and agreeing with most of it, (I'm differing on how badly the Doctor treated Martha, and anger at her leaving, when I believe she'll be back as a permanent companion and around for many more seasons, but that's a different discussion and not pertinent to the point...) and learning a lot about my own prejudices in the process.

Only I was thinking, at the moment the dialogue is entirely with fandom at the moment. How do we move the dialogue to the New Who production team? I'm not saying that the discussion has finished in fandom, or has moved anywhere near to completion - there are too many people who are still blind to racism. (I think the racism discussion is the one fandom should be having the loudest with itself because as Nos says "I think the problem is that LJ fandom is mostly white women who are for obvious reasons rather more comfortable talking about gender than about race.", but the New Who team has both sexism and racism issues that need to be addressed).

As most of you know, I'm pro-breastfeeding, and for a while was pretty heavily involved with the NCT (National Chldbirth Trust). Now a couple of years ago, there was an episode of the Tweenies, (bear with me) where the kids watched a film about babies, and the mother fed the baby from a bottle. Belinda Phipps, the CEO of the NCT, wrote a letter to the production team, asking why the woman wasn't shown breastfeeding, when all the experts agreed that it was the best way to feed your baby. She got a letter back saying that the producers had been unhappy showing a child being breastfeed on children's television as they didn't want to offend anyone. So she wrote back again, explaining that one of the reasons breastfeeding rates are so low in this country, was that too many women feel self-concious breastfeeding in public. That by not showing breastfeeding they were contributing to the idea that breastfeeding was shameful and something best done in private, whereas if they showing breastfeeding it would help normalize it and make it nothing to be remarked upon. (Her letter was a lot more articulate and coherent than summation). She then got a reply which was along the lines of "Wow. Not thought of it like You're right. We will rectify our error." Within a couple of weeks the episode had re-aired with a breastfeeding mother included. (And since then I've notice breastfeeding being included in a few more Cbeebies shows).

The thing is I think most of us don't believe the New Who team are being deliberately racist or misogynistic, but I think they will continue to be so until someone calls them on it. It's just a case of working out how to call them on it. (And I don't believe that it will be as straightforward and as simple as the breastfeeding example, but why should that stop us?)

I love Doctor Who. From being five and watching the Fourth Doctor from behind the door, (the sofa was pushed again the wall) to being thirteen and having my walls covered with posters of Ace because I wanted to be her, and spending all my allowance on the Target novelisations, (And someday I'll retrieve the boxes from my parents attic) to being thirty-one and squeeing because my husband bought me a tiny remote control K9, I have always and will always love it. And because I love it I want it to be better, to do better. I'm willing do something to make that happen.

So how do we make our voices heard on this? Write letters? Send books, articles? Kidnap and mind-programming? How should we do this?

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OK, I'm going to start with my one negative comment. Why the hell did they make me wait all season for that?

That was what I've been wanting from my Doctor Who since New Earth )

Is it Christmas yet?


Jun. 25th, 2006 01:49 am
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Because the man cannot do subtle.
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We've just watched yesterday's episode...

It wasn't Doctor Who, but I loved it.

And Elton? Totally my new woobie. )

Also how many people are considering what they write in their LJ's today, very, very carefully? And has anyone informed [ profile] time_and_chips that it wasn't the comm featured in the confidential yet? (And that online DW fandom doesn't revolve around that community?)

New Earth

Apr. 15th, 2006 10:09 pm
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Well it's back.

Chavtastic )
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Well, here's to the bandwagon - My Johari window.

Onto fandom - NCIS peeps, if you haven't already, go read this ficlet, (even though it's in the drabble community, it is not a drabble being far more than 100 words.  Bah!).  A really good character sketch, which made me miss Kate all over again.  It also made me laugh.

Speaking of NCIS, I've been getting back into it after a long absense.  And Probie near enough broke my heart.  Poor little woobie!Tim.  (And I'm also hating Madam Director even more, despite wanting to like her, whereas Ziva who I thought I'd hate for replacing Kate, I really, really like.)

Speaking of Ziva and Kate, I've decided Kate/Ziva is my OTP of choice, despite it being problematic in that Ziva got introduced because Kate got a bullet through the head.  Because just think of the issues between them - Ari, Ari and oh! Ari.  Plus the whole Gibbs is my Boss who is a father figure to me but I really really fancy him. On the plus side I now have lots of plot bunnies for the [ profile] crossovers100.  (I really must type up the fics I've already done for that)

And does anyone know when Doctor Who is going to start airing? I'm guessing around March time, but I don't know for sure.

Oh, and on a non-fandom note - remember my crap consultant? I spoke to my midwife about changing consultants, explaining why and she was behind me totally, saying that she thought he ought to have retired five years ago. (She also agreed with me on waterbirths and said she wished that they were allowed to take twin births at the birth centre).  Anyway she went off to phone the hospital to get me transferred to a different consultant and came back with a huge grin on her face - apparently he retired the week before!

So that probably explains why he was so totally dismissive with us, and we have a new consultant. It's a woman and she is, by all reports, far more progressive. Yay!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] raindroproses

All the cool people have their Birthdays today... ;-)

Thank you to everybody who's wished me a Happy Birthday, you are all lovely and shiny people.  And [ profile] heyjudas?  Getting the youngsters to do your dirty work, hey? You must be getting your zimmer frame soon. ;-P (Is K coming to the family gathering? It's been far too long since I've seen her.)

I went over to see [ profile] morgan32 on Tuesday evening and had a wonderful time having fannish conversations without the other person looking at me as if I was mad.  I picked up some CD's from her, including a double CD of Classical Chinese Folk Music.  Which Cullyn absolutely adores.  I've got it playing at the moment and he'll be playing with his toys, and then randomly, stands up and starts jigging on the spot to the music.  So cute!

And Yay! [ profile] twinkledru's coming down here again next week.  And it looks like there will be more Chinese food in the offing.  Yay!

Possibly the stupidest comic store owner in the history of stupid comic store owners. And I *heart* Nathan Fillion. (You have to register to read Nathan's post.  If you don't want to register you can read the body of the post at Wedonesque).

Doctor Who Meme )

Cool, I get to shag the Doctor loads and in all likelihood, save the world. (And curse [ profile] jekesta's sudden but inevitable betrayal!)

Must go now as I'm going over to Mum's for lunch and I have to get the house tidy before I go, as I'm having some friends over this afternoon.
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I'm no longer feeling down. 'cos DOCTOR WHO SQUEEEE! (Link slightly on the spoilery side.)

And discussion of said spoilers... )
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It's Not About Harry Potter!

Last Sunday I was at car Boot sale with Doug and the boys, when I was presented with incontrovertible proof that Fandom Has Taken Over My Life. I bought a 2000 Billie, Princess of Pop Annual. Granted it was only 50p, but still... I'd seen it, laughed at the rather naff choice of pictures on the cover, and walked on. It was as I walked away I had a little voice going through my head "Come on, buy it. You could have a laugh at the photo's. You could scan in the pictures and share them with the online who fans. After all, the non-British fans have escaped her pop career so far... Come on, it would be funny." So, whilst Doug headed to other side of the field and tried to pretend he wasn't married to me, I went back and bought it. And now I share it's delights with you, my fellow Doctor Who fans.

Billie, Princess of Pop )
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Sorry about that guys, maybe trying to post the new link at the same time as trying to get the kids out the door to go to the Zoo, wasn't the best of ideas.

Anyway, the link's now fixed, (at least it should be...) and can be found here.
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Doctor Who Vid

Building a Mystery

Sarah McLachlan

vid by

Oh you're a beautiful,
a beautiful fucked up man

Spoilers up to Parting of the Ways.

With many thanks to [ profile] jmtorres, [ profile] twinkledru and [ profile] ffutures 

So... What do you think?

(Currently on a yousendit link, but I hope to get it uploaded to my site tomorrow)
File now uploaded to my site, please right click and save as.

ETA 17/11/08 I've changed the link as I forgot to renew my domain at the begining of the year, and so lost the domain (I'd had it approximately six years. *sob*)
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OK. I think I'm going mad.

I swear I read a Doctor/Rose/Jack fic, where they go for drinks, dance, and go back to the TARDIS for lots of hot sex. The thing that particularly distinguised it for me, is that when waking up in the morning, it Jack who's thrown by it all, and the Doctor and Rose are fairly blase about it.

But I can't find a trace of it anywhere now. I'm begining to think it's a figment of my imagination.

And staying on the subject of frustrating.

I was chatting to my friend who lives down the lane, (hee!) this evening, telling her about going to Live8. I was bemoaning the fact it meant I was going to miss the Camerton Primary School Summer Fayre. (And can I just say ick! to that spelling?) She's mentions that she's not able to go either as she'll be at a wedding.

Sarah: ... and of course He's going to be opening it.

Me: What? I didn't know that!

Sarah: Yeah, it's in the parish newsletter.

Me: (Turn to Doug)Honey, did you know that the school fete's being opened by...

Doug: Yep, it was in the paper. And you're going to miss it.

Me: *Wail*

Yep, Tony Head's opening my son's school (to be) fete and I'm missing it. *Headdesk*


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