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So my parents, in their infinite wisdom, named me Joanna and my sister Josephine, (for the record my parents are/were named Jenny and John - they swear blind the alliteration of our names wasn't deliberate) and we have mostly gone through life being known as Jo and Josie. Every now and then there would be confusion when one of my sisters friends would take it upon themselves to shorten her name further and phone up and ask for Jo.

Only now a newspaper has confused the two names and I read the article knowing it's about my sister, but I had this small creeping feeling it's about me. I know it's purely because I know the Jo they are referring to is my sister - I don't normally have this problem reading about Jo's (in case it sounds as if I'm seriously egotistical ;-)) - but it was a very weird feeling.

If anyone's interested in seeing how my kids are growing, I've stuck a batch of photos up at flickr - here.

My friend isn't actually mentioned in this article, but her mother and father in law are, as is her husband.

RTD goes to Hollywood - Awesome webcomic on how RTD's move to Hollywood could go.

This post is in support of PHSE being taught in schools. Warning: Triggery for rape and gang rape.

Does anyone else read the 99? I'm up to issue ten atm moment, (waiting for next month to buy some more), and I'm really enjoying it.

And finally I am being secretly judge-y about anyone/blog/article that asks 'where were you during the moon landing?' without the slightest nod to the fact that a significant part of their audience hadn't actually been born then.

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An oblique spoiler for CofE )
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So, my [ profile] vidukon premiere. Also known as "What don't you bastards just try looking happy. And Owen would it kill you to smile once in a while?"

Title: Song to Save a Life
Song: These are the Songs
Artist: Amy Wadge
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Summary: It's the people that surround us that keep us human.
Download: 48.4 mb AVI :: 24.5 mb AVI :: 24.2 mb mp4 (optimised for iPod Classic)
Notes: With thanks to [ profile] jmtorres for the hand holding at a ridiculously early hour in the morning.

Streaming version below cut )

PS If you like the music, please consider wandering over to or iTunes and buying some of her stuff, as she really is an amazing singer/songwriter and deserves to be more widely known. (And I'm not just saying that 'cos I went to school with her. ;-) )

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