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I've been meaning to make this post for the last four weeks, but better late than never.

Firstly - I'm April on a titty calender. No really, I am. I'm rather embarrassed to admit though that I'm not entirely sure who's on the top, and who's on the bottom. I think it's Rebecca on the top and Hannah on the bottom, but I can't be really sure. I'm a bad, bad mother.

My main big news though is that we're moving. Most of you probably won't realise just how big a move this is for me, as a) I love this house beyond all reason. I love the house, I love my neighbours, I love the village, I love the school and I love the community that we're very much part of here.

And b) In my 32 years I have never lived more than 14 miles from where I was born. And we're looking at moving to North Wales/Shropshire/Lancashire/Yorkshire ie a couple of hundred miles away.

It's all quite daunting. But for the price that we'll hopefully get for our two bed terraced cottage, we'll be able to buy a 5 bed detached house. With a garden.

I am really looking forward to having a garden.

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Yay! Jensen!

I will admit there might have been a wee bit of screaming going on when he crossed the line.

But he so deserved this win, he drove just right, and for once the team got the strategy right. (And I'd just like to point out to those who were saying that Jensen got lucky, that Alonso was behind JB when he went out, as was MS, who had very little chance of catching Jensen at that point. And is it me or has both Alonso and MS both completely lost the plot at the moment? I know they are locked in a bitter battleTM for the championship, but both are better sportsmen than they are showing at the moment. As it was, I was glad neither go any points.


Now will follow a couple of very brief rants.


Firstly, this article in the Guardian )


For my next rant, I'd like to start off with this picture )


What the world would look like if Japanese cartoons were actually realistic. The Olsen twins are particularly freaky.


And finally.

Yey! Jensen!!!!!

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Oh my god.

I'd forgotten how much babies puke.

And there's two of them.

And this whole Nipplegate/Boob-Nazi Icon/LJ Abuse thing? Just makes me want to cry with the huge amounts of stupid on both sides.


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