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Castle! I think that was my favourite episode so far. There were so many bits that set me a-squeeing with their awesomeness.

One thing I didn't catch til my second viewing* was that the fact that the victim was bisexual wasn't commented on, wasn't made a joke of and wasn't the reason he was murdered. It was just there. NCIS? Take notes please.

And onto the fanservice )

And briefly in non-Castle related news -

I've just got an app for my iPhone called Best Camera‡, and have been playing around with it. The camera is the one part I don't like about the iPhone - it's shit, especially as my phone before had a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Ziess(sp?) lens. But I quite like some of the effects you can get with this app. You can see some of the results I got with it at my Best Camera Gallery. My favourite I've taken so far is this picture of the Second Severn Crossing.

We watched the first episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. And apart from the fact I have huge difficulties spelling Prairie, I loved it. So painfully funny. I'm going to leave off talking more about it until I watched more, but can someone point me towards the fic?

Dreamwidth now allows email posting for all account types and have up'd icon limits across the board...

...whilst LJ fails in it's news post.

Lastly, who's on GoogleWave? I need more people to talk to.

* OK so I've watched it three times since Tuesday. Shut up, I was clipping. ;-)
† I really like Doctor Holloway, can he come back?
‡ The best camera is the one you have with you.

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I think I've just found the song I need for the Middleman Vid I've been wanting to do for ages.


Mum came up today, mainly to bring back my camera which I left at her house over Christmas, (and in a perfect example of Sod's Law there been some amazing photo opportunities in the interval including a snow covered Mynydd Troed lit by a red sunset.) It was really good seeing her, and as she came and picked the boys up from school & came to the chip shop* with me, she got to see a bit more of Talgarth than she has before.

In other news, BAD FORM SUP. I don't think LJ is going anywhere, but I do think english speaking LJ is going to get sidelined in favour of russian speaking LJ. I don't don't think I'll ever completely abandon LJ, I have a perm account and I'll have been here seven years in September, and it's where I've made so many good friends, and had my sanity saved on so many occasions, but I am looking forward to the Dreamwidth Studio's offering.

*Sadly I was not able to introduce her to Jay from 5ive this time, although I did see him there again the other day. He really is rather lovely.
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Well, after a lot of dithering and flirting with Blogger and Diary-X, I finally got me a Live Journal.

Many thanks to Lori for introducing me.


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