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I meant to post this  a while ago, but kept on forgetting.

Title: Hours
Author:[ profile] thedivinegoat
Category: Gen
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: G
Spoilers: Frame Up
Summary: In all the time DiNozzo had been working on Gibbs’ team, he had never seen anything like it. Crossover with The Catherine Tate Show. (And bonus crossover at the end.)
Disclaimer: Not mine in the least.
Notes: I'm afraid unbeta'd. Feel free to point out mistakes. [ profile] crossovers100 prompt 06. Hours

It had been hours.  )
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So there's this multifandom RPG running.

You know you want to sign up.

And if any NCIS peeps want to sign up, I'm playing Kate a year after Twilight, (and everything happened as in the episode) ) so lot of potential for angsty fun there. (I'm also hoping someone might want to sign Ziva up for a slightly femslashy plot).

NCIS Quote

May. 26th, 2006 09:27 pm
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Can anyone give me the correct wording for the Kate Todd quote from Yankee White when she say something about being like frogs and growing balls when she needs them?

Many thanks.
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Just watched the NCIS season finale.

And just...

I mean...




And if it's permanent, well at least I've got three seasons to re-watch and re-watch.

But really, WTF?
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It amuses me that's list of "People who bought NCIS Season One also bought..." is headed by Camberwick Green and Chigley.

I dare you to write that crossover.

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Well, here's to the bandwagon - My Johari window.

Onto fandom - NCIS peeps, if you haven't already, go read this ficlet, (even though it's in the drabble community, it is not a drabble being far more than 100 words.  Bah!).  A really good character sketch, which made me miss Kate all over again.  It also made me laugh.

Speaking of NCIS, I've been getting back into it after a long absense.  And Probie near enough broke my heart.  Poor little woobie!Tim.  (And I'm also hating Madam Director even more, despite wanting to like her, whereas Ziva who I thought I'd hate for replacing Kate, I really, really like.)

Speaking of Ziva and Kate, I've decided Kate/Ziva is my OTP of choice, despite it being problematic in that Ziva got introduced because Kate got a bullet through the head.  Because just think of the issues between them - Ari, Ari and oh! Ari.  Plus the whole Gibbs is my Boss who is a father figure to me but I really really fancy him. On the plus side I now have lots of plot bunnies for the [ profile] crossovers100.  (I really must type up the fics I've already done for that)

And does anyone know when Doctor Who is going to start airing? I'm guessing around March time, but I don't know for sure.

Oh, and on a non-fandom note - remember my crap consultant? I spoke to my midwife about changing consultants, explaining why and she was behind me totally, saying that she thought he ought to have retired five years ago. (She also agreed with me on waterbirths and said she wished that they were allowed to take twin births at the birth centre).  Anyway she went off to phone the hospital to get me transferred to a different consultant and came back with a huge grin on her face - apparently he retired the week before!

So that probably explains why he was so totally dismissive with us, and we have a new consultant. It's a woman and she is, by all reports, far more progressive. Yay!
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I took [ profile] twinkledru to the train station this afternoon, and so the two days of having someone who completely understood me when I talked about fandom are over. ;-)

We went into Bath last night, the first time I'd been out for dinner without the kids since February last year. We went to Xian in Charles Street, which I am pleased to report, is just as good as it was when Doug and I were going there regularly seven years ago. I also introduced Jules to Deep Fried Crispy Seaweed, as I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like it.

This morning I took her to the Bookbarn, which claims to be Europe largest seller of second hand books. It's basically a hugely warehouse, full of bookshelves stuffed full of books. I was most impressed, in that she managed to restrain herself to just three books. I have never come out of there without buying several books. Possibly I'm just weak willed. ;-)

Am trying to work on my NCIS ficathon, and not getting anywhere. Which is a problem as it's due in two days, and I want to get it beta'd before I submit it. Problem is, all I want to be writing at the moment it Doctor Who fic.

Must do better.

Also, is it completely wrong that Thursday's bombing made me feel nostalgic? Took me right back...


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