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So.  Still pregnant.

Cut for scarily large bump )

The funny thing is that straight on I don't look that big.  Then I turn sideways.

I have thoughts on HIGNFY and Doctor Who and San Marino, but pregnancy has made me incredibly cranky, and I've misplaced the squee. Normal service will be resumed shortly.
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Please hurry up and come out, I have the Marge Piercy autobiography packed in my hospital bag, and I really want to read it.

Also, you're apparently putting on 1/2 a pound every week, and frankly your brother was large enough, so if you don't mind putting in an appearance fairly soon, I can avoid another appointment with an episiotomy.

Plus, once you're born I can eat pate again.

Please, for Mummy?
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Fed up. Still pregnant. Hate waiting. Dilate cervix, damn you, dilate!

Err, sorry hormones got the better of me for a minute. But this last week, (or two weeks, or three weeks depending on how punctual this baby feels like being) seems to take longer than the preceding 39 weeks.

Up until now I've been pretty breezy about labour, last time it was overall a fairly positive experience, and that's given me a pretty nonchalant outlook on what's coming. Until a particularly painful Braxton Hicks reminded me that YES IT FUCKING HURTS!

I'm still remaining positive, but I think I'm going to tone down the whole "labour? Not a problem" attitude I've been displaying to everyone. I feel it's a bit too much like tempting fate.

Going back to my last (meaningful!) post, we got the clothes back, and without having to travel up to Stafford. My cousins brought them down in the end, so I'm happy that we now have clothes for the Baby, but they've managed to lose the nappy bag that converts into a carry cot at my Aunt's house. (In Blackwood, South Wales).

We've decided we won't be lending out our baby stuff again. (Yes we are planning on more, four for preference.)
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Everyone knows that pregnant women are moody, right? And so if you know a very pregnant woman, you use a little bit of thought in your dealings with her, right again? Keep the scary hormonal woman happy.

How to piss off the scary hormonal lady )

Oh and I seem to be coming down with the same horrendous cold that Doug has had over the last few days. With my luck it's going to come out fully on the day I go into labour, (which will certainly make the breathing exercises interesting) and the baby will catch it.

Thoroughly pissed off with the world in general and my Mother in particular.
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I can't believe today was the last commercial flight of Concorde. As someone who grew up in Bristol, (where Concorde was designed and built) this feels just completely and utterly wrong. Especially as Virgin have offered to keep Concorde flying. (I don't get why BA won't sell, after all if Concorde is as uneconomic as BA claim, wouldn't it be better for them to have their main rival running said uneconomic service?)

One of the Concorde's is due to fly into Filton (in Bristol) on the 17th of November to take up residence in the museum there, but as my due date is the 10th I don't know if I'll be able to go and see it. I want to 'cos it really will be the last flight and it's homecoming.

On the pregnancy front - 2 and half weeks to go and I still haven't packed my hospital bags. I think I had them packed at week thirty with Owen, but I just can't seem to muster the same sense of urgency. The one thing we did do this week was to chose a name. (We're 90% certain from the scan it's a boy, and anyway I've had a girls name picked since I was fifteen). We're just arguing about spelling now - I want Cullyn and Doug wants Cullen. Doug's mum agrees with me, so he's almost given in. Plus that I really would have liked to have used my grandfathers name - Hywel - but Doug didn't like it so I think I might get my way on this.

I really can't wait not to be pregnant anymore - I know lots of people love being pregnant but frankly I enjoyed labour a lot more. I'm so looking forward to being able to sleep on my front again... Bring on the sleepless night 'cos at least they'll be comfortable sleepless nights!

But at least the Symphis Pubis hasn't progressed - I have a friend who ended up on crutches by the end of her first pregnancy and paradoxically now the baby's head has engaged I'm in less pain. Go figure.
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Just so damned cute.

Sorry for my disappearance. Am spending all my time feeling sick & sorry for myself, and occasionally throwing up. Hence time on PC drastically curtailed.

Will be back soon. (I hope very soon. Please!)
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Especially at 1:00 am in the morning.

This last week I've lived on Chicken, Salad, (Tesco's Finest Primivara for the Sorrel) and plain rice. Because the thought of anything makes me feel even sicker.

And if this lasts for as long as it did last time, I've got another 5 months of this.

Oh Joy.


Mar. 3rd, 2003 09:23 am
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Slightly on the happy side. (As you might have guessed. *wink*)

Due approx 29th October 2003
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All my friends seem to be pregnant. It's like a contagion. Which is all well and good.I want pregnancy to be catching, I want to be pregnant. But because everyone else is pregnant, I'm feeling more stressed about being pregnant. And I wasn't going to get stressed this time.

The Guardian has printed a really shit article referencing the NCT. Well I don't know when or where Dani Zur attended NCT classes, but they're not the classes the rest of us attended. NCT antenatal teachers are (and I'm quoting here from the NCT Antenatal Teacher's job description) "balanced and non prescriptive in her approach to the choices available".

Grrrrr. I just wish I bought the Guardian so I could stop buying it in protest.


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