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So back in October my vid Song to Save a Life, got one of these.

As a result, it's been entered into the Jacks.

It's been entered into: Best Editing - Use of Lyrics, Best Feel Good, and Best Concept.

(That last one is the one I'm most chuffed to be nominated for as it says - Some of the best vids are a juxtaposition of brilliant idea and transparent execution. This category recognizes excellence in vids which have a bold creative vision. My vid has a bold creative execution! *Glee*)

I don't really expect to win any of them*, as I'm up against some awesome competition** and some well established fen, but just seeing myself amongst the nominations has cheered me up immensely. But please find it in your hearts to vote for me anyway. ;-) *Puppy-dog eyes*

I really ought to get myself a vidding icon.

*The sentence was originally missing the don't and was a lot more arrogant. ;-)
** I love [ profile] irradiatedsoup's Schadenfreude. "Fuck you lady, that what stairs are for.' is genius of the highest order, even if means I'm probably going to hell.
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The playlist for my Vid Show at this years VidUKon. )
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So, my [ profile] vidukon premiere. Also known as "What don't you bastards just try looking happy. And Owen would it kill you to smile once in a while?"

Title: Song to Save a Life
Song: These are the Songs
Artist: Amy Wadge
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Summary: It's the people that surround us that keep us human.
Download: 48.4 mb AVI :: 24.5 mb AVI :: 24.2 mb mp4 (optimised for iPod Classic)
Notes: With thanks to [ profile] jmtorres for the hand holding at a ridiculously early hour in the morning.

Streaming version below cut )

PS If you like the music, please consider wandering over to or iTunes and buying some of her stuff, as she really is an amazing singer/songwriter and deserves to be more widely known. (And I'm not just saying that 'cos I went to school with her. ;-) )

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Doctor Who Vid

Building a Mystery

Sarah McLachlan

vid by

Oh you're a beautiful,
a beautiful fucked up man

Spoilers up to Parting of the Ways.

With many thanks to [ profile] jmtorres, [ profile] twinkledru and [ profile] ffutures 

So... What do you think?

(Currently on a yousendit link, but I hope to get it uploaded to my site tomorrow)
File now uploaded to my site, please right click and save as.

ETA 17/11/08 I've changed the link as I forgot to renew my domain at the begining of the year, and so lost the domain (I'd had it approximately six years. *sob*)


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