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Yay! Jensen!

I will admit there might have been a wee bit of screaming going on when he crossed the line.

But he so deserved this win, he drove just right, and for once the team got the strategy right. (And I'd just like to point out to those who were saying that Jensen got lucky, that Alonso was behind JB when he went out, as was MS, who had very little chance of catching Jensen at that point. And is it me or has both Alonso and MS both completely lost the plot at the moment? I know they are locked in a bitter battleTM for the championship, but both are better sportsmen than they are showing at the moment. As it was, I was glad neither go any points.


Now will follow a couple of very brief rants.


Firstly, this article in the Guardian )


For my next rant, I'd like to start off with this picture )


What the world would look like if Japanese cartoons were actually realistic. The Olsen twins are particularly freaky.


And finally.

Yey! Jensen!!!!!

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Well, here's to the bandwagon - My Johari window.

Onto fandom - NCIS peeps, if you haven't already, go read this ficlet, (even though it's in the drabble community, it is not a drabble being far more than 100 words.  Bah!).  A really good character sketch, which made me miss Kate all over again.  It also made me laugh.

Speaking of NCIS, I've been getting back into it after a long absense.  And Probie near enough broke my heart.  Poor little woobie!Tim.  (And I'm also hating Madam Director even more, despite wanting to like her, whereas Ziva who I thought I'd hate for replacing Kate, I really, really like.)

Speaking of Ziva and Kate, I've decided Kate/Ziva is my OTP of choice, despite it being problematic in that Ziva got introduced because Kate got a bullet through the head.  Because just think of the issues between them - Ari, Ari and oh! Ari.  Plus the whole Gibbs is my Boss who is a father figure to me but I really really fancy him. On the plus side I now have lots of plot bunnies for the [ profile] crossovers100.  (I really must type up the fics I've already done for that)

And does anyone know when Doctor Who is going to start airing? I'm guessing around March time, but I don't know for sure.

Oh, and on a non-fandom note - remember my crap consultant? I spoke to my midwife about changing consultants, explaining why and she was behind me totally, saying that she thought he ought to have retired five years ago. (She also agreed with me on waterbirths and said she wished that they were allowed to take twin births at the birth centre).  Anyway she went off to phone the hospital to get me transferred to a different consultant and came back with a huge grin on her face - apparently he retired the week before!

So that probably explains why he was so totally dismissive with us, and we have a new consultant. It's a woman and she is, by all reports, far more progressive. Yay!

Sad news

Jun. 27th, 2005 01:54 pm
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For anyone not on the [ profile] whedonesque feed,

Cult Closes 15th July

The BBC is closing the huge cult section of it's website on 15th July. Although before anyone panics

    "PS: Don't worry about the Doctor Who site. It's safe."
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I finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night, (and learnt how to spell Caribbean correctly this morning) and well, squeee!

I can remember having a crush on Jonny Depp back when I was in school, but truly I don't think I was really ready to truly appreciate him back them.

I also got the whole Orlando Bloom thing a lot more, although he's still too much of a little boy for my taste. (And no mascara!)

So, can anyone point me in the direction of some good fanfic? Gen, het, slash, crossovers - it's all good?

ETA good fanfic instead of goof fanfic. Of course if you want to rec goof fanfic, please don't let me stop you
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Does anyone know of any Teachers fanfic?

Especially Brian/Kurt slash. Even Heat magazine cannot deny their love...
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Why is it, that out of all the shows I watch, it's the shallowest, most vacant show I watch that I keep on getting plot bunnies for?

Ah well, it's all good writing practice.

And at least I'm building contacts with potential betas.


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