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Serenity2. today!

Very, very excited.  I even went out and bough new underwear!  (And discovered that Marks and Sparks are actually selling a pretty maternity bra.  (Because up until now, pregnant women have only wanted to buy plain white monstrosities /sarcasm)

About two months ago I posted on the UK Browncoats forum, asking if anyone fancied sharing a room.  A user called bexsthebeast contacted me me, and after a bit of conversation, it turned out that she wanted to stay in a different hotel, wwhich was much cheaper, whilst I wanted to stay in the Rad so as not to miss out on anything.  We agreed to that we'd be each other's fall back, in case we couldn't find any one else to share with, and we were just finishing the conversation, when I looked at her profile.  She had exactly the same date of birth as me.

I was just about to send her an email, when I looked again at her user name.  Thought it was a fairly good chance her real name was Becky, saw she was living in London.  So in the email I asked her if she used to live in Bristol, she replied yes, and had gone to Emlea Primary and Colston Girls, should she know who I was?  I replied with my real name (and maiden name), and yep we went to school together, and whilst never stayed in contact, were pretty good friends.

So after that we had to share a room, and tonight I will see Becky for the first time in twelve years.


So I don't think series two of Little Britain was anywhere as good as series one, and don't think series three is going to be any better.  But I will forgive them anything for ASH in nothing but a leather thong and a feather duster...


And from an idle wondering, does anyone know of any good Take That RPF/RPS?  And no I didn't watch the Take That documentary last night, what ever gave you that idea?  *Whistles innocently*
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OK. I think I'm going mad.

I swear I read a Doctor/Rose/Jack fic, where they go for drinks, dance, and go back to the TARDIS for lots of hot sex. The thing that particularly distinguised it for me, is that when waking up in the morning, it Jack who's thrown by it all, and the Doctor and Rose are fairly blase about it.

But I can't find a trace of it anywhere now. I'm begining to think it's a figment of my imagination.

And staying on the subject of frustrating.

I was chatting to my friend who lives down the lane, (hee!) this evening, telling her about going to Live8. I was bemoaning the fact it meant I was going to miss the Camerton Primary School Summer Fayre. (And can I just say ick! to that spelling?) She's mentions that she's not able to go either as she'll be at a wedding.

Sarah: ... and of course He's going to be opening it.

Me: What? I didn't know that!

Sarah: Yeah, it's in the parish newsletter.

Me: (Turn to Doug)Honey, did you know that the school fete's being opened by...

Doug: Yep, it was in the paper. And you're going to miss it.

Me: *Wail*

Yep, Tony Head's opening my son's school (to be) fete and I'm missing it. *Headdesk*
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I finally got to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night, (and learnt how to spell Caribbean correctly this morning) and well, squeee!

I can remember having a crush on Jonny Depp back when I was in school, but truly I don't think I was really ready to truly appreciate him back them.

I also got the whole Orlando Bloom thing a lot more, although he's still too much of a little boy for my taste. (And no mascara!)

So, can anyone point me in the direction of some good fanfic? Gen, het, slash, crossovers - it's all good?

ETA good fanfic instead of goof fanfic. Of course if you want to rec goof fanfic, please don't let me stop you
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Does anyone know of any Teachers fanfic?

Especially Brian/Kurt slash. Even Heat magazine cannot deny their love...


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