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Happy Birthday [ profile] raindroproses

All the cool people have their Birthdays today... ;-)

Thank you to everybody who's wished me a Happy Birthday, you are all lovely and shiny people.  And [ profile] heyjudas?  Getting the youngsters to do your dirty work, hey? You must be getting your zimmer frame soon. ;-P (Is K coming to the family gathering? It's been far too long since I've seen her.)

I went over to see [ profile] morgan32 on Tuesday evening and had a wonderful time having fannish conversations without the other person looking at me as if I was mad.  I picked up some CD's from her, including a double CD of Classical Chinese Folk Music.  Which Cullyn absolutely adores.  I've got it playing at the moment and he'll be playing with his toys, and then randomly, stands up and starts jigging on the spot to the music.  So cute!

And Yay! [ profile] twinkledru's coming down here again next week.  And it looks like there will be more Chinese food in the offing.  Yay!

Possibly the stupidest comic store owner in the history of stupid comic store owners. And I *heart* Nathan Fillion. (You have to register to read Nathan's post.  If you don't want to register you can read the body of the post at Wedonesque).

Doctor Who Meme )

Cool, I get to shag the Doctor loads and in all likelihood, save the world. (And curse [ profile] jekesta's sudden but inevitable betrayal!)

Must go now as I'm going over to Mum's for lunch and I have to get the house tidy before I go, as I'm having some friends over this afternoon.
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How cool is this?

Ian does not love Piers though.
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216 shares in Beyonce Knowles earned you £960.31
250 shares in Brad Pitt earned you £131.25
450 shares in Dido earned you £832.82
500 shares in FA2 Alistair Griffin earned you £0.01
500 shares in Johnny Depp earned you £58.16
673 shares in Johnny Vegas earned you £0.31
250 shares in Mel C earned you £47.79
500 shares in Orlando Bloom earned you £228.41
877 shares in Renee Zellweger earned you £0.02

In total you earned from your shares £2259.07

Considering I bought my shares in Jonny Vegas about an hour before dividends are calculated, I'm pretty pleased with my 31p. Renee however...

I was hoping that now she's started preparing for Bridget Jones II, we'd get a repeat of those "poor Renee's having to stuff her face with burgers and cakes just so she can be the same size as the rest of us" stories we had last time. Ah well, may be I just hang on in there a bit longer.


On the pregnancy front I have been diagnosed with mild Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Apparently it's mild because I can walk without crutches. I think they need to work a new scale of classification...
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If you're looking to kill some time - and you want something a little bit different have a look at Fantasy Peal Ringing.

May I recommend Elizabeth Bowden (7.9m) mainly 'cos I've know her since I was a little girl...

There are just over seven hours left to register. Go on, become an imaginary campanologist.
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I was going to write about how I'm the Queen of Procrastination, but I think I'll leave it until tomorrow. ;-)
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I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted here.

I've spent the last few weeks thinking I must post this in my journal tonight, but not being able to due to work for NCT/son refusing to sleep/exhaustion/more work for the NCT.

I haven't even been able to keep up with my friends journals. It's left me feeling rather disconnected from things.... Oh Well, I'm back now.

PS Why is Trevor McDonald talking about Kylie Minogue's knickers? It's not exactly as if it's a slow news day.

PPS On the subject of underwear, who wears thongs when pregnant? 'Cos huh?
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As Membership Secretary for my local branch of the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), I have to present an annual report at our AGM. I've been merrily thinking I have weeks left before I need to write it.

The AGM is next TUESDAY!!!

Bugger. Bugger. BUGGER!!

I HATE doing these things. Esp. as I have to be diplomatic about a small area of the branch that the rest of the branch wants to jettison.

Ah well. It looks like that next year I'll be writing the Chair's report.
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Today was going to be so good.

Hubby is away, and whilst that in itself is a bad thing, it was a chance to get lots of stuff done.

Of the fifteen odd tasks I have to do for the various committee meetings I have next week, I have manage to complete a sum total of Zero.

I just can't get my brain going. The main problem is I can't decide where to start.

Which is why I'm writing my Live Journal instead of something productive... ;-)

I have perfected procrastination as an art form.
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God I get so easily distracted.

I started up my live journal client at 10:10pm, 45 minutes later I finally get around to writing it.

I started out this morning, with a fairly small web site, with a couple of pieces of fanfiction and seem pretty pictures. Now I have a The Office fan site as well. Hope people like it.


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