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OK. I think I'm going mad.

I swear I read a Doctor/Rose/Jack fic, where they go for drinks, dance, and go back to the TARDIS for lots of hot sex. The thing that particularly distinguised it for me, is that when waking up in the morning, it Jack who's thrown by it all, and the Doctor and Rose are fairly blase about it.

But I can't find a trace of it anywhere now. I'm begining to think it's a figment of my imagination.

And staying on the subject of frustrating.

I was chatting to my friend who lives down the lane, (hee!) this evening, telling her about going to Live8. I was bemoaning the fact it meant I was going to miss the Camerton Primary School Summer Fayre. (And can I just say ick! to that spelling?) She's mentions that she's not able to go either as she'll be at a wedding.

Sarah: ... and of course He's going to be opening it.

Me: What? I didn't know that!

Sarah: Yeah, it's in the parish newsletter.

Me: (Turn to Doug)Honey, did you know that the school fete's being opened by...

Doug: Yep, it was in the paper. And you're going to miss it.

Me: *Wail*

Yep, Tony Head's opening my son's school (to be) fete and I'm missing it. *Headdesk*
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(I tried posting this last night, but thanks to a massive thunderstorm, the network went down.)

Trying to read the threads at Slashdot make my head hurt. :-(

We went up to Camerton Primary this evening, to meet the teachers and find out what's expected of us as parents when Owen starts there in september.

It's the cutest little school, this year they have a confirmed intake of three, and two more possibles. Owen's class will consist of 3 Reception age children, 8 Year Ones and 6 Year Twos. The whole school is sixty children in total. My neice's school is one of the smaller Bristol schools, and their intake this september will be about a hundred.

One of the things that got mentioned was taking the classes out for walks, and the Teacher said how she always made sure her class was the first each Autumn to walk down the track to the Conker Tree, (Horsechestnut) so that the little ones get first go at the conkers. Made me all nostalgic. (I can remember coming home from school with conkers spilling out of my coat pockets, I'd collected so many.)

But it is really wierd to think he's going to be at School in November. We're going to be ordering his uniform soon, (the school emblem is a Miner's Lamp) and I still can't get my head around the fact that he's now longer a toddler.


One thing that's taken me by surprise is the sheer quality of the New Who fanfic thats appearing in the comms; the good stuff, at the moment, is out numbering the bad stuff. I know the bad stuff's out there, (I had a brief look over at and eek!) but it doesn't seem to be as pervasive as it normally is. Do people agree, or is my perception wacked? And if you do agree, any theories as to why?

Couple of recs...

Once Upon a Time by [ profile] tangledwood - Jabe fic, spoilers up to The End of The World. Absolutely stunning look at Jabe, and making her death a lot harder to bear.

Breaking the Rules by [ profile] boro_girl - Do not read until you have seen Parting of the Ways. Why Rose makes the choices she does.

And lastly [ profile] mythichistorian has got four parts written of a Doctor Who/Buffy crossover. Go read. Now.

(Oh, and if you haven't read [ profile] sangga's Deshabille, why not?)

Is it Christmas yet?
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Roses fight back. I beat the bastards and they're now looking neat and tidy (ish), but they made me pay for my victory.

I just excavated a thorn from my thumb. (My arms are also scratched to buggery).


I think parents should be awarded badges like in Brownies and Scouts. Tonight I totally won my "Getting sleeping child out of wet pyjamas and his bed stripped without waking him or his brother. I rule as a Mama!


Still obsessed with Parting of the Ways.  I rewatched it yesterday and found myself even more emotional than I was on Saturday.  It's also been cool to see Doctor Who take over my friends list, a feat I would not have believe possible at the beginning of the year.  Is it Christmas yet?
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Owen's party went amazingly well today, the weather was perfect, the kids had a whale of a time, and the adults seemed to enjoy themselves too. Plus the Cake didn't turn out too bad (I made all the fences myself /pride ).

The only bad thing was that I got interupted putting on my suncream, and forgot that I hadn't finished doing it.  I now have really bad sunburn on my shoulder and across my back.  (Normally I'm really parinoid about the sun, and wear a 5 star factor 50).  Ouch!


Doctor Who related - [ profile] jacinthsong is holding a mini caption contest over in her journal...

Also I'm confused. spoilers for tonight and speculation )

And did anyone catch Doctor Who Confidential? When Tom Baker, (at least I think it was he) said "Fanlove is superior to normal love, because fanlove endures."

I <3 Tom Baker.
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Owen's going to be Four tomorrow.

He's got a big boy's bike, and in a couple of weeks we go up to St Peter's, the Village school*, for the new parents evening, he can dress himself and for a very-nearly-four-year old is worryingly responsible.

Where did my baby go?

The bike BTW is a Spiderman bike, and he wants to take it everywhere.

*My niece's school in Bristol is considered to be a small school and has an intake of about a hundred kids a year.  This year, Owen's school has an intake of five.
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Owen's really into Tractors at the moment - part of this obsession involves me reading and re-reading his Fergus the Tractor books. Oh God how I hate these books. They're hideous to read, having no flow as the writer seem more interested in accuracy and realism rather than readability and storyline. Give Janet and Allan Allberg or the Gruffalo any day. Now those are fun books to read aloud. (They have rhythm! and flow!)

But Fergus the Tractor - ack! What children's book has the farmer going out to see a sick cow, and has her called "Number 74"? It should be Daisy, or Buttercup, or Esmerelda. Not "Number 74". Yes, in the real world they are numbered, but then in the real world there's BSE and Foot & Mouth, and they haven't included those. In fact if the books were factually accurate they would have Farmer Tom taking his shotgun to his top field, and blowing his brains out because the bank foreclosed on his mortgage after he was screwed by the government.

There you go - I've written their next book for them.
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My son is playing with his sand buggy on the floor

ME: [Speaking to my husband] It looks like Jesus or the lamb from the nativity set is driving Owen's buggy.
HUSBAND: Yeah? [Comes in from kitchen and looks at said Buggy] It's a piece of rice cake.
ME: Oh.

I need new glasses.


When did Christmas get so close? The last thing I knew we had a few weeks to go, and then all of a sudden it's two days away and I haven't wrapped any presents.

But, on the plus side at least all the present got bought prior to Cullyn being born, so at least I don't have to do any last minute shopping.
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I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted here.

I've spent the last few weeks thinking I must post this in my journal tonight, but not being able to due to work for NCT/son refusing to sleep/exhaustion/more work for the NCT.

I haven't even been able to keep up with my friends journals. It's left me feeling rather disconnected from things.... Oh Well, I'm back now.

PS Why is Trevor McDonald talking about Kylie Minogue's knickers? It's not exactly as if it's a slow news day.

PPS On the subject of underwear, who wears thongs when pregnant? 'Cos huh?
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Sorry to all those who posted comments in my journal/ and or replied to comments I made in theirs - since last week. I haven't been able to get online until now. Little man came down with a stinking cold & and fever, and then just as he was getting over it, I came down with it. Praying that it clears up by tomorrow as on Tuesday Hubby and I are going for an overnighter in Dublin, leaving Little Man with my mum, and I don't want to leave him if he's still sick, and I won't enjoy it if I'm still ill.

It's been hugely tiring as Little Man went off his food enitrely, and ended up in bed with me most nights - meaning I didn't get much sleep. (Hubby refuses to sleep in the same bed as Little Man as he kicks, and so sleeps on the sofa bed downstairs. And despite what he says I know he gets a better nights sleep down there than I do - he doesn't have a small child trying to sleep on his head or kick his eye out!)

Off to have scotch (for my cough of course!) and then off to bed. (And please let me have an undisurbed night!)
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I swear I will scream if one more person says this to me. I mean it - I will scream and I can scream very, very loud.

Person, after person says this to me - and surprise surprise, most of those are mothers of girls. The rate has increased tenfold (I do like that word, it has a nice feel to it) in the last week.

You see last week I took my son to the health visitor, as at 18 months he's not saying any words yet. Hearing seems fine, majorly sociable, comprehends things we've said and can babble for England. But he just doesn't have any words yet. Now I know we've got a little time before we should really start worrying, but as there's a really, really strong history of dyslexia (amongst other things) on both sides of the family, (both I and my husband are dyslexic), so it's something I want to catch early. (Especially as there's a six to nine month waiting list for a speech therapist!) So off we. went to the health visitor and he's now being referred to the speech therapist.

But nearly every person I told about this has, without fail, said, "oh but boys are more lazy than girls aren't they." [I promise you, I will scream the next time someone says this to me.

Now I would just like people to ponder a few things

1) We're talking about babies and toddlers here. They start out with few thoughts - food, sleep, warmth, comfort/love. They then progress onto things like - sweet food, shiny button, Mummy's attention, cat, shiny toy that that other child has got, big puddle. But still they're not thinking complex thoughts yet. They're still pretty simple creatures.

2) To be lazy you have to think about the effort involved. You have to think, (even if it's subcounciously) 'I can't be bothered to turn over the telly, because the remote's to far away.'

3) Babies and toddlers learn to do things because it is instinct to do so. (BTW, who else saw Professor Winston's Human Instinct on BBC tonight? Excellent program) They learn to walk, talk and sit up, because it is part of our human instinct.

4) Babies and toddlers don't decide to put off learning to do something because there's too much effort involved. They might have no desire curently to walk across the room, they might have been momentarily been put of by a failure, (such as falling down and hurting themselves), or their brains might still be doing the necessary re-wiring to enable them to learn to new skill.

5) Because they can't learn to do somethings until they have the necessary leg muscles, co-ordination, brain development.

6) And enviromental factors way in too - how much a child gets talked, played with etc.

7) And ignoring everything above it's just a big generalisation - which just pees me off anyway

So if boys learn to crawl, walk, talk later than girls, (which I dispute anyway) it's not laziness, and anyone who thinks so is a lazy thinker.
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I always find it strange looking at photos of myself as a young child and toddler. It's hard to believe it's me. I can see thoughts behind my eyes, but I have no idea of what those thoughts are. From six I can remember thoughts and feelings and I can connect to the girl in the photo, but before six it could be any child I'm looking at.

Today I looked at my son and saw myself at two. Face, expression, body posture all identical - and for a moment I was able to connect to all those photos of me that before I felt divorced from.

I look a lot like my mother. I look an awful lot like my mother. And my aunts. And my sister. (To the point people will ask us if we're twins) At any family gathering it is easy to see who's married into the family, and who's related by blood. My ties to my mother's family are strong, undeniable and welcome.

My father's family has always felt more distant. He doesn't have any siblings, his parents are dead and he's rather hazy on his own past let alone his family's. And I've never been able to pinpoint any similarity between my fathers face and mine.

But my son looks like my father. I have a photo of my father aged about two giving the camera that mischievous, cheeky boy grin that all two year old boys give - it's the same one my son gives me.

My son looks like my father, and this morning my son looked like me. I may not be able to find the likeness of my father in the mirror, but it's there. And it's already started it's journey down the generations.
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Little man had some kind of stomach bug today - it's amazing how quickly you build up tolerance for sick and poo when you become a parent. When I was little, I was always amazed by the way Mum could clear up vomit without seeming to be bothered by it. I didn't realize it's because you have no choice but to deal with it. Great fun!

Got pissed last night for the first time in ages. Scotch is wonderful for coughs if you're allergic to cough medicines, (it is the original medicinal) problems only arising when you're a complete lightweight, as I am. Well it wouldn't have been too bad if the first (very) large double hadn't made me forget why I'm careful about how much I drink, and just reminded me about how much I like scotch. A couple more and I was reeling all over the place. No one would have been the wiser though, if I hadn't then woken my husband just to tell him just how pissed I was. ;-)
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Went to Westonbirt Arboretum today with my sister and some friends. Owen had a whale of a time running all over the place- it's made such difference to how much we both enjoy days out now that he's walking, (and running, and jumping, and climbing, and crashing into things!)

I also managed to get through the whole day without getting seriously pissed off at my sister, which I feel is an achievement.

Planning to spend tomorrow at home, I've got to do some serious work on the NCT membership database, I've been negleting it lately for more fun things like personal websites, fanfiction and live journals!


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