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London has apparently (according to the BBC news flash) won the 2012 Olympic bid.

Well, fuck.
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I really do have the most gorgeous husband.

Points to icon.

See Hugh? On Tuesday I'm going down to Dorset to River Cottage HQ for A Day of Summer Cooking.

I'm going to be meeting Hugh. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*Fangirls madly*

Best birthday present ever.

So on Saturday we're going up to London to see Live8 and then on Tuesday I'm going down to River Cottage. Then on Friday [ profile] twinkedru's coming to stay.  Pretty cool couple of weeks coming up.


Also I meant to point this out yesterday, but [ profile] twinkledru found an article about Zombie Dogs.  No seriously. Zombie Dogs.
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BBC news alerts have just reported that Richard Whitely has died at the age 61.

Quite sad over the news, as he was such a personality. But what makes it even poignant is that Channel Four has been running a trail, when in celebrities are asked how they want to be remembered after their death.

Richard Whitely is last celebrity featured. He wants (wanted) to remembered as the very first person to appear on Channel Four.
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Cockle Death Spark Gang Fears

You just know the Daily Mail, after a day or two of insincere sympathy, will work this into an anti asylum seeker rant.
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Dead Man Found in Freezer

My parents live in Hallatrow, and know his sister.

I didn't hear about it until this morning. It really freaked me out for some reason.

Far too close to home. Things like this are only meant to happen in London, or Bristol at a pinch.


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