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(I tried posting this last night, but thanks to a massive thunderstorm, the network went down.)

Trying to read the threads at Slashdot make my head hurt. :-(

We went up to Camerton Primary this evening, to meet the teachers and find out what's expected of us as parents when Owen starts there in september.

It's the cutest little school, this year they have a confirmed intake of three, and two more possibles. Owen's class will consist of 3 Reception age children, 8 Year Ones and 6 Year Twos. The whole school is sixty children in total. My neice's school is one of the smaller Bristol schools, and their intake this september will be about a hundred.

One of the things that got mentioned was taking the classes out for walks, and the Teacher said how she always made sure her class was the first each Autumn to walk down the track to the Conker Tree, (Horsechestnut) so that the little ones get first go at the conkers. Made me all nostalgic. (I can remember coming home from school with conkers spilling out of my coat pockets, I'd collected so many.)

But it is really wierd to think he's going to be at School in November. We're going to be ordering his uniform soon, (the school emblem is a Miner's Lamp) and I still can't get my head around the fact that he's now longer a toddler.


One thing that's taken me by surprise is the sheer quality of the New Who fanfic thats appearing in the comms; the good stuff, at the moment, is out numbering the bad stuff. I know the bad stuff's out there, (I had a brief look over at and eek!) but it doesn't seem to be as pervasive as it normally is. Do people agree, or is my perception wacked? And if you do agree, any theories as to why?

Couple of recs...

Once Upon a Time by [ profile] tangledwood - Jabe fic, spoilers up to The End of The World. Absolutely stunning look at Jabe, and making her death a lot harder to bear.

Breaking the Rules by [ profile] boro_girl - Do not read until you have seen Parting of the Ways. Why Rose makes the choices she does.

And lastly [ profile] mythichistorian has got four parts written of a Doctor Who/Buffy crossover. Go read. Now.

(Oh, and if you haven't read [ profile] sangga's Deshabille, why not?)

Is it Christmas yet?
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A lot's happened. Not just Angelus. I've been... I've changed. I've seen a darkness in myself. I'm not sure you'd even begin to understand...

I flayed a guy alive and tried to destroy the world.

Oh. So...

For some reason I love that piece of dialogue. Don't know why. Just do. Apart from anything else, it's as though beneath the extra stubbly, mentally unstable, insomniac, first cousin of Marlboro Man exterior there is still a bit of first season Wesley trying to get out.

So anyway... Does anyone know of any fic that riffs on this scene? It can be set before the scene, after the scene, during the scene or an AU version. But someone, somewhere out that must have found a leetle bit of inspiration in it. If you don't know, ask on your friends list. Someone on LiveJournal must know of some. Or be willing to write it. (Plot Bunny Attack!)
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Does anyone know of any decent Giles/Tara fic? I've only found two pieces so far, and they were both badly written.

I just fancy reading some fic detailing the relationship between the two most mature (in outlook) characters on Buffy.
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Just so damned cute.

Sorry for my disappearance. Am spending all my time feeling sick & sorry for myself, and occasionally throwing up. Hence time on PC drastically curtailed.

Will be back soon. (I hope very soon. Please!)
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Pointed out by [ profile] twinkledru.

The Very Secret Diary of George W. Bush

Very funny.
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It's happened. They've finally got to me.

I'm a Spike/Tara 'shipper.

Quiet as a Mouse
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Just read the most amazingly creepy buffy fic - Here Comes A Candle. Seriously, seriously creepy.

And the Girl From Bristol Survives, yet again! How she sings aside, I want Katie to stay in, just 'cos it's so cool to hear a Bristolian accent on the telly. And a Bedmi at that! I'm glad she survived tonight though, because despite Pippa being stronger throughout the series, I felt Katie gave the better performance tonight. (And Sinead just rocked!)
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Thursday 1st March

2356 - Have just spent three hours on the 'phone explaining Laurentian overtones of sexuality to a desperately confused Jaffa. 'Lady Chatterley' was a VERY bad idea. I should have just directed poor Teal'c to some straightforward pornography. He's confused, ambivalent, overwhelmed by erotic mental images and floundering helplessly in a sea of tension and conflict.

Actually, when you read it like that I think he's very close to understanding human sexuality.

Dr Jackson's Diary By Anais

One of the funniest pieces of fanfiction ever!
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A lot of people I know within fandoms hate, with a fiery passion, archives like or I personally quite like them. Firstly I can while a way many an hour reading the godawful summaries people post for their stories.


An Brennan and Emma story. All that I will write as an summary till I know where I'm going. I will probably change the Rating as I go along also. -

Mutant X finds a new mutant. Adam falls for her. And certain members of the team realize they have feelings for one another. Chapter 4!!! (Could the new Mutant's first name possibly be Mary? ;-) )

this is going to be pg-13 later for some swearing but right now its just G. The male members of mutant x are acting strange. what is worng with them? will the girls figure it out in time? read and find out! S/B!

One of the team members discovers someone they thought they'd lost forever... yeah well I hate summaries...

Brennan has a sister that he didn’t know about and now Magnito and Eckhart have her. So the X-men and Mutant X join together. Rated P-13 for language not to much of it though. ok i removed chapter 2 cause it stunk in my oppinion but i am rewritting it.

Scary huh?

The second reason I like this sites is that when you do come across a good story, it has all the more impact on you.

For instance (you knew this was coming didn't you?) today, whilst trawling though (sp. The Dark Arts) I came across The Diary of Gregory J. Turnpike by Tess. It's one of those stories that has you reading merrily along, think it's one thing, when it wallops you over the head and announces it's another.

And her other stories...


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