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Rich & Debs
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[ profile] heyjudas and [ profile] debsbattlequeen at my Birthday Meal.

You can see the rest of the photos here.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] raindroproses

All the cool people have their Birthdays today... ;-)

Thank you to everybody who's wished me a Happy Birthday, you are all lovely and shiny people.  And [ profile] heyjudas?  Getting the youngsters to do your dirty work, hey? You must be getting your zimmer frame soon. ;-P (Is K coming to the family gathering? It's been far too long since I've seen her.)

I went over to see [ profile] morgan32 on Tuesday evening and had a wonderful time having fannish conversations without the other person looking at me as if I was mad.  I picked up some CD's from her, including a double CD of Classical Chinese Folk Music.  Which Cullyn absolutely adores.  I've got it playing at the moment and he'll be playing with his toys, and then randomly, stands up and starts jigging on the spot to the music.  So cute!

And Yay! [ profile] twinkledru's coming down here again next week.  And it looks like there will be more Chinese food in the offing.  Yay!

Possibly the stupidest comic store owner in the history of stupid comic store owners. And I *heart* Nathan Fillion. (You have to register to read Nathan's post.  If you don't want to register you can read the body of the post at Wedonesque).

Doctor Who Meme )

Cool, I get to shag the Doctor loads and in all likelihood, save the world. (And curse [ profile] jekesta's sudden but inevitable betrayal!)

Must go now as I'm going over to Mum's for lunch and I have to get the house tidy before I go, as I'm having some friends over this afternoon.
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[ profile] morgan32, I'm just leaving now, I'll see you in about an hour.
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OK, [ profile] jekesta is eveeeeeel. Because she posted a link to this.

I now have no time to time you about our trip with the In-Laws to Longleat Safari Park, or our sudden decision yesterday to go camping tomorrow, (this is despite not having been camping in seven years, and having never taken the kids camping).

No do I have time to tell you about the haircut I had today, where I lost over a foot in length off my hair, and had it dyed a (fairly) bright red. Neither do I have time to discuss how I love the fringe, (I have never had a fringe before in my life) but am ambivilent about the rest of it as I am worried it has helmet-ty overtones.

So you my or may not hear from me in the next couple of days, depending on the battery life of the laptop, and 3G coverage.

Everyone I owe comments/e-mails to, I will catch up on Sunday.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] heyjudas!
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I took [ profile] twinkledru to the train station this afternoon, and so the two days of having someone who completely understood me when I talked about fandom are over. ;-)

We went into Bath last night, the first time I'd been out for dinner without the kids since February last year. We went to Xian in Charles Street, which I am pleased to report, is just as good as it was when Doug and I were going there regularly seven years ago. I also introduced Jules to Deep Fried Crispy Seaweed, as I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like it.

This morning I took her to the Bookbarn, which claims to be Europe largest seller of second hand books. It's basically a hugely warehouse, full of bookshelves stuffed full of books. I was most impressed, in that she managed to restrain herself to just three books. I have never come out of there without buying several books. Possibly I'm just weak willed. ;-)

Am trying to work on my NCIS ficathon, and not getting anywhere. Which is a problem as it's due in two days, and I want to get it beta'd before I submit it. Problem is, all I want to be writing at the moment it Doctor Who fic.

Must do better.

Also, is it completely wrong that Thursday's bombing made me feel nostalgic? Took me right back...
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[ profile] twinkledru is here, we've had chinese and I've introduced her to Dead Ringers. (Jon Culshaw's President Bush needs to be more widely known). Tomorrow we'll be introducing her to the delights of Pre-School sport's day. ;-)
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Just spoke to [ profile] twinkledru, she's back at the hotel, and is going to try and get to Paddington as Great Western are still running a service into Bath.
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*Loves FL impartially*

Life is good.

Tomorrow. - Live8 @ Hyde Park

Tuesday - River Cottage with Hugh

Friday - Owen's sports day and then in the afternoon [ profile] twinkledru arrives.

I have made a Doctor Who vid.

Someone posted The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist on [ profile] audiography


ETA I have video of CE reading the Bedtime Story on Cbeebies. I have Mondays and todays. Will post on Sunday.
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I really do have the most gorgeous husband.

Points to icon.

See Hugh? On Tuesday I'm going down to Dorset to River Cottage HQ for A Day of Summer Cooking.

I'm going to be meeting Hugh. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*Fangirls madly*

Best birthday present ever.

So on Saturday we're going up to London to see Live8 and then on Tuesday I'm going down to River Cottage. Then on Friday [ profile] twinkedru's coming to stay.  Pretty cool couple of weeks coming up.


Also I meant to point this out yesterday, but [ profile] twinkledru found an article about Zombie Dogs.  No seriously. Zombie Dogs.
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[ profile] sangga  wrote me Doctor Who fic - Deshabille.

It's beautiful Doctor/Rose with dressing up, (or not).

Go and tell her how cool she is...

ETA [ profile] nostalgia_lj has done a photo guide to The New Season of Doctor Who
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[ profile] jekesta drew me my interests (I adore the pregnant lady) and it's seems to be turning into a meme, so as I've never been one to let a bandwagon pass me by, comment to this post, and I will do you a MS Paint drawing of some of your interests.


We had a thunderstorm this morning that started somewhere around 7am and was still going at lunch time.  It would have been cool, but we kept on getting powercuts, and our ups wasn't kicking in. I kept on losing track of which posts I'd replied to, and which I hadn't.

Although it could be worse, I could be at the Glastonbury Mud Bath. Have you seen the pictures? People were swimming to their tents to try and rescue belongings.

We're going to be braving the roads around Glastonbury tomorrow, as we have to go to Clarks Village in Street to buy the Kids' shoes.  And to get to Street we drive within spitting distance of the Tor.  Fortunately Pilton's on the other side so hopefullly the traffic won't be to much of a nightmare.


People keep on asking me what I want for my Birthday, (I might have mentioned <i>once</i> or twice before that I'm thirty on 28th July) and I have no idea.  I know I want things, I'm always wishing I had money to buy x or y, but as soon as someone asks me my mind goes blank.  And I hate suggesting things, 'cos you have the whole cost dilemma. You don't want to suggest they're stingy and likely to spend 50p on you, but then again you don't want to ask them for something costing too much.  And then there's the problem that everyone has differring ideas on what is an apropriate amount to spend on birthday presents.

It's all so much trauma! ;-)


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