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I'm no longer feeling down. 'cos DOCTOR WHO SQUEEEE! (Link slightly on the spoilery side.)

And discussion of said spoilers... )
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So it's my thirtieth on Thursday.

And anybody who has not been aware this is coming up has not been paying attention. Only I wasn't paying attention and thought my brithday was the week after next. So was slightly surprised to get back from Cornwall (And I keep on trying to type Cornwell, which is my maiden name) and find the date was the 24th and that it's my birthday on Thursday.

The last time I was this surpised by my birthday was two days before I got married and was chatting to a colleague about the wedding and honeymoon and things and suddenly remembered that it was my birthday three days after the wedding... SHIT SHIT SHIT that means it's my wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Eeeek Have no card or present or anything.

Um, how many years have we been married?

*Counts on fingers*

Seven years.

Last year sometime I was reading a post on [ profile] amipregnant by a twenty two year old who was talking about her husband. And I was thining that twenty two was far too young to be married. And then realised that I was twenty two when I got married. Sometimes I think if I met my younger self I would find very hard not to be patronising to myself. (I sometimes wonder how different things would have been if I'd had the older brother(s) I so deperately wanted growing up)

So seven years.  Um, what the anniversary for seven years?

Wool.  Woo'ls doable without going into Bath. Whoops. You know how in marriages it's the sterotype of the Husband forgetting dates and the wife doing all the housework?  Well with us it's so totally the other way round.  And Doug has a shit sense of direction, whereas I have kick ass map-reading skills. (Even if I have a tendancy to route-plan based on which villages have the wierdest names or which route will take us down the twistiest, steepest narrowiest lanes) I want to buy a copy of that book "Why Women can't Mapread and Men can't listen" and burn it in an elabourate ritual. It would be cathartic.

Have been wierdly depressed all day since finding out it's my birthday on Thursday. It's nothing to do with the age thing as that doesn't worry me in the slightest. Infact I have to say this now, but there's been a rash of people on my FL turning twenty-five and posting OMG I'm Twenty-Five and I've done nothing with my life and I'm Old and Life is Over posts. And I love you all dearly but twenty-five is so not old. Really. Honestly. I think I'm lucky in that the older generations in my family have all done the cool sttuff later on in their lives, and are continuing to do the cool stuff in their sixties, seventies and eighties. So I've never had the angst of do your cool stuff before you get old and die.

Which is good, 'cos I so haven't found out what the cool stuff I'm going to do with my life is yet. (And anyone who has posted an OMG I'm Twenty Five post, please don't be mad, I love you all and just don't think you should be stressing because spending all your time trying to not be old stops you actually living your life).

I did warn you about a lack of spelling and coherency didn't I? Good, you read entirely at your own risk.

Anyway, so I've spent the day feeling rather depressed about Thursday. I suspect a large part is because I had so little sleep whilst camping in Cornwall, because the kids were so excited they wouldn't sleep until well gone ten, and the Cullyn woke up about twelve both nights and ended up coming into bed with Doug and me and proceeded to try (and nearly suceed) to push us out of bed. And then wake us up at five. So very, very tired. And I think that's mainly why I'm feeling down. Plus I'm trying not get excited about Thursday.

Because I loove Birthdays. I believe that birthdays should be big things and Birthday people need a fuss made of them, because it's once a year, and who isn't better off for having a little bit of a fuss made of them? So I always try to give Doug a good birthday, with lie-ins, and not having to do any chores, and nothing stressful, and nice things. And the same with anyone else close to me that I have the opportunity to do something for. But not many people close to me seem to share my view point on birthdays. And I try not to say anything because I'm not doing it for reciprocation, I'm doing it because I believe in it and I'm a big girl now and don't need people to make a fuss of me. But I'm really a petty toddler who wants to throw an tantrum screaming because no ones paying attention. And being completely honest I'm scared that as I've had my present from Doug (and the boys and Doug's parents), and my Mum can be relied on to remember my present about a week after my birthday, and My sister isn't necessarily going to be around, that my birthday is going to be me trying to deal with the kids, maybe having Doug cook for me, (which, to be fair, is something to look forward to, because the man can cook) and not a lot else. And I shouldn't mind, I shoulnd't want more, but I do. Fuck I am a petty toddler.

When I was a child, I thought that being an adult was this magical state that you achieved sometime between eighteen and twenty one. When you were wise, and thought and felt appriopriately, knew what to do in all situations and were able to clean up your childrens vomit without feeling sick yourself. Insert sound of hollow laughter here. And even going through my twenties I still half believed that there was going to be this magic moment when I would suddenly feel like an adult. Would mentally catalogue myself amongst the grown-ups rather than the children. It was only a few years ago that I realise that you don't ever become an adult, you are always yourself, the only thing that changes is your experiences. And with any luck you use your past experiences to your future benefit. That last sentance sounds rather pretentious, but hopefull you get what I'm trying to say.

But anyway, I think with my birthday I'm giving my self low expectations so that if something nice happens that will be pleasant surprise-y and yay!, but if nothing happens I can be all stoic and not let myeslf down by behaving badly.

But because I'm so tired, and I have my period at the moment I'm all emotional and just making my self want curl up aomewhere and wallow. (Wallow's a very evocative word don't you think?)

Oh and I'm coming to terms with the hair.  Mainly I didn't like the way she styled it, it was all bouffant-y and helemet-y, and was disapppointed that the reds they had were all natural colours when I wanted something more scarlet. But now my natural wave's coming back through I like the cut, and I plan on finding out how soon I can get the hair re-dyed a more scarlet red once I've found somewhere near me that will do scarlet reds. (Going towards the Jane Goldman end of the spectrum)

Well done on making it though all that waffle.

I might as well meme now. )

Oh and some Banksy Icons. (Feel that making Lj icons from Banksy artwork is something kin to an oxymoron, but don't care)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Obviously as the original artwork is not mine, these are sooo gakkable.
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Sky + died just before the British Grand Prix. We were out and so missed the entire thing. :-( If we'd managed to avoid finding out who won, we probably would have watched the highlightd, but it doesn't seem worth it now.)

The Kids are currently watching Swallows and Amazons on the telly.

Oh, and GIP.
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Sorry, more Doctor Who.

This has been bugging me fore the last couple of days, but I haven't seen anyone else raise it...Question about PotW )

Also, why are people saying that's not Billie's voice?Read more... )

AlsoSpoilery GIP for POTW )

Someone in [ profile] galactic_conman has posted a tentive list of Episode Titles for the second season, and I really didn't think it was possible for me to look forward to it any more.  Is it Christmas yet?
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I will stop making icons soon...

All Boomtown

1. 2. 3. 4.
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Doctor Who third series confirmed Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  And Billie will return for the whole series two. (See icon for my reaction.) Plus the lovely BBC put the spoilers for saturday night's episode, beneath a spoiler warning and huge spoiler space.  Therefore I am still unspoiled for Saturday! Yay! *Hearts BBC muchly*

I was, earlier on in the week, feeling rather reluctant about PotW, mainly due to CE's leaving, but I'm now starting to get excited about DT's Doctor and although I know it's going to be Christmas before we get to see Ten in action properly. Still.  JUST TWO MORE DAYS TO GO.

I might have eaten a bit to much sugar tonight.

*Jumps up and polkas madly around the room*

Made a few new icons

1. Four More )

And a quick Higniffy bit before I go, I have a new OTP - Boris/The Gruffalo.  OK, so it's not series canon, but I think his blog should probably count as second level canon.  And the image of him reading The Gruffalo to a bunch of three year olds? Too cute for words. (The Gruffalo is my favourite book to read aloud to the boys)

PS I am sticking my tongue out whilst crossing my eyes at those people moaning about the newbie fans in the Doctor Who fandom at the same time as trying to establish their old skool fan cred.  Whilst my DW fannishness does not go back as far some (I was only born in '75) I have been a fan as long as I can remember (4th Doctor) complete with posters on walls (7th Doctor and Ace) and books and mechandise, and I still take great pleasure in squeeing like a school girl over the gorgeousnesss that is Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper and John Barrowman. 'cos whilst I uphold your right to enjoy the show with your sober, indepth analysis, I also uphold my right to blather on about OT3 and be completely shallow in the face of all this hawtness. And I tell you what? I'm so going to have fun doing so. So there!
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So how much do I want a permanent account? Although, like everybody else, I want one mainly for the hundred icons.

Speaking of which.  A couple of days ago, my sister showed me a catalogue of T-Shirts with all sorts of captions, and whilst I wasn't interested in buying anything, (because I have turned into a crabby old woman who won't pay for T-Shirts like this when she's got a perfectly good inkjet printer and transfer paper) I was going through think, "that would make a really good LJ icon."

So here you go - take what you want, credit would be nice.

1. The Madness Hamsters (Animated) 2. The Shoe of Salvation (Animated) 12 icons in total )

Is anyone planning to go to Serenity 2 in November? I've almost decided that I'm going whether I know someone or not, but it would be nice to know I'm going to find one friendly face there, and there's always the possibility of sharing a twin room to reduced hotel costs.  This would be the first convention that I've ever gone to, but I've been wanting to go to one for ages, and I finally decided that this will be the year.


Fuuuuuuuck.  Just realised that I've forgotten to phone Mum to find out whether she can take Cullyn tomorrow whilst I help out at Owen's pre-school.  Bugger.  She's not going to be impressed when I phone her at 7:30 to check.  I hope she's remembered that I mentioned it last week.


All the interviews and articles I've seen on John Barrowman have mentioned that he did a stint on Live and Kicking. During the period when I would have been watching it as a (semi) adult.  And yet I had no recollection of him on the show.  So I went looking for pictures and I found this. Oh My GOD. You need to watch this.  (It requires Real Player).  I would love to see some Doctor Who fic based on that.
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About two days ago I made this icon, (I'd been reviewing my old icons, saw the George Bush one I'd done and decided I needed to do a Prince Charles version), and suddenly it's become rather topical.

That never happens to me. I'm normally always about 3 weeks behind what's happening - and that's on a good day.

I'd just like to point out though, that I really don't care about what Prince Charles may or may not have got up to with a male member of the palace staff. Oh and Burrell needs to be tidied away somewhere because he is very irritating.


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