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(I think it's particularly touching the way they are now implying that [personal profile] synecdochic was "misleading" people, and they are not back-pedalling at all, no siree, not us.)

As always I have DW codes to give away.

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Castle! I think that was my favourite episode so far. There were so many bits that set me a-squeeing with their awesomeness.

One thing I didn't catch til my second viewing* was that the fact that the victim was bisexual wasn't commented on, wasn't made a joke of and wasn't the reason he was murdered. It was just there. NCIS? Take notes please.

And onto the fanservice )

And briefly in non-Castle related news -

I've just got an app for my iPhone called Best Camera‡, and have been playing around with it. The camera is the one part I don't like about the iPhone - it's shit, especially as my phone before had a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Ziess(sp?) lens. But I quite like some of the effects you can get with this app. You can see some of the results I got with it at my Best Camera Gallery. My favourite I've taken so far is this picture of the Second Severn Crossing.

We watched the first episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. And apart from the fact I have huge difficulties spelling Prairie, I loved it. So painfully funny. I'm going to leave off talking more about it until I watched more, but can someone point me towards the fic?

Dreamwidth now allows email posting for all account types and have up'd icon limits across the board...

...whilst LJ fails in it's news post.

Lastly, who's on GoogleWave? I need more people to talk to.

* OK so I've watched it three times since Tuesday. Shut up, I was clipping. ;-)
† I really like Doctor Holloway, can he come back?
‡ The best camera is the one you have with you.

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Today's DW news post. Today's LJ news post.

*Snuggles DW hard.*

Also GIP because I love these two new icons so much

Happy Amita is Happy

I love the faces Kate pulls

(As always I have DW invite codes if anyone wants one)

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I've been thinking a bit about how I'm going to run my DW & LJ accounts, now I actually have a DW account, and the crossposter is working, (albeit in alpha form).

One thing I've been wondering about, is the whole commenting thing. The crossposter allows you turn off comments at LJ, and redirect people to DW. (The theory being, that if you've got an account at LJ you can comment at DW with your openid).

Having seen some of the wank going down in the last few days I have to ask - if you read my journal, but are not yet on DW, and have no plans to be, would being directed to DW be a deterent to commenting? (I say this as if I write loads of interesting posts that people are falling over themselves to post on. ;-) )

If it is a deterent, why?
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(Last night I posted my subject line as a tweet. It took me three attempt to lolcat it. For a dyslexic with bad spelling I find mis-spelling deliberately incredibly hard to do.)

I have a Dreamwidth account! I have sent off my first invite!

*Pets the shiny*

I am so ridiculously excited by Dreamwidth - a couple of nights ago I dreamt I got an invite code in the dw_discuss and Open ID lottery and then was disproportionally disappointed on waking to realise it was just a dream and I didn't have an invite. BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! *\o/*

I'm not leaving LJ completely - I have a perm account, and there's several non-fandom comms which I now will stay on LJ, plus I doubt everyone on my FL will migrate, but DW will probably become my primary home and I'll crosspost to LJ.

(Also, I've already given out the one invite code I had, but if I get any more, is there anyone else who wants one?)

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