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Castle! I think that was my favourite episode so far. There were so many bits that set me a-squeeing with their awesomeness.

One thing I didn't catch til my second viewing* was that the fact that the victim was bisexual wasn't commented on, wasn't made a joke of and wasn't the reason he was murdered. It was just there. NCIS? Take notes please.

And onto the fanservice )

And briefly in non-Castle related news -

I've just got an app for my iPhone called Best Camera‡, and have been playing around with it. The camera is the one part I don't like about the iPhone - it's shit, especially as my phone before had a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Ziess(sp?) lens. But I quite like some of the effects you can get with this app. You can see some of the results I got with it at my Best Camera Gallery. My favourite I've taken so far is this picture of the Second Severn Crossing.

We watched the first episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. And apart from the fact I have huge difficulties spelling Prairie, I loved it. So painfully funny. I'm going to leave off talking more about it until I watched more, but can someone point me towards the fic?

Dreamwidth now allows email posting for all account types and have up'd icon limits across the board...

...whilst LJ fails in it's news post.

Lastly, who's on GoogleWave? I need more people to talk to.

* OK so I've watched it three times since Tuesday. Shut up, I was clipping. ;-)
† I really like Doctor Holloway, can he come back?
‡ The best camera is the one you have with you.

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Holy Fuck did they just go there?

Are they trying to make the slasher's fangirl's heads explode?

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

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Star Trek

May. 23rd, 2009 07:22 am
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Very quickly, (hopefully a more thoughtful review later) as we're off to the Hay Festival now, but

OMG! I'm in love.

I suspect, like more than a few people in my DW circle/ LJ Friendslist, Star Trek got me through some very unhappy teenaged years of being bullied at school. And then just being unhappy. And once TNG came along Wil Wheaton was cute. (What? I was sixteen!)

Last night was a little like coming home. It got to the end and "Space the Final Frontier" and I was sat there with a huge grin on my face. I came out and wanted to go straight back in to watch it again. So, so awesome.

(I recognised that there was a fair amount of Genderfail in it, but I want to dwell on that later.)

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(Last night I posted my subject line as a tweet. It took me three attempt to lolcat it. For a dyslexic with bad spelling I find mis-spelling deliberately incredibly hard to do.)

I have a Dreamwidth account! I have sent off my first invite!

*Pets the shiny*

I am so ridiculously excited by Dreamwidth - a couple of nights ago I dreamt I got an invite code in the dw_discuss and Open ID lottery and then was disproportionally disappointed on waking to realise it was just a dream and I didn't have an invite. BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! *\o/*

I'm not leaving LJ completely - I have a perm account, and there's several non-fandom comms which I now will stay on LJ, plus I doubt everyone on my FL will migrate, but DW will probably become my primary home and I'll crosspost to LJ.

(Also, I've already given out the one invite code I had, but if I get any more, is there anyone else who wants one?)

Crossposted from Dreamwidth
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...and it's all [ profile] halycon_shift fault.

I've just watched the first epsiode of Leverage.

I <3 Hardison. And Parker. And Sophie. And Nathan. And Spencer. (But particularly Hardison and Parker).
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Holy Fuck.

I did not see that coming. )
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I have just watched the latest episodes of Numb3rs and SGA and they are making me exceedingly giddy.

Robin Hood )

Travellers )

However, I've been reading people opinions on the episodes and I just want to say this - STOP BEING SO FUCKING THREATENED BY THE WOMEN. You know it's great you like pretty boys together - I've read far more McKay/Shepherd than anything else in SGA, and whilst incest in Numb3rs squicks me and is one of my few non-slash fandoms, (excepting femslash cause Megan/Amita so, so hot) I will defend your right to write it. However talking about what a slut Amita is, and how Alan can't stand her, does not make your Don/Charlie or Colby/Charlie ship stronger or weaker. And constantly talking about how Lyrran (or Chaya) has no chemistry with John also has no bearing on how many times John has fucked Rodney til they both saw stars. Somebody does not have a finite amount of chemistry, that once spent with someone means they'll never have chemistry with anyone else. Some people have so much chemistry they have it with inanimate objects. (John/Ancient Technology OTP!). And when you constantly have to shout so loud about x's lack of attraction to a woman, I start to wonder why you are trying so hard to convince yourself.

(No really, please lay off Amita. She may not be as awesome as Megan, but that's purely lack of experience - give her a few years and she'll matching Megan awesome for awesome. And given that Megan is THE MOST AWESOME FEMALE CHARACTER ON TV TODAY, that's a hell of a lot of awesome. And FYI Alan loves her. She's his best chance of grandchildren)

Also for the record. AMITA IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC. And if you think so, Megan will be visiting you shortly to defend her girlfriend's honour.

website metrics

New Earth

Apr. 15th, 2006 10:09 pm
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Well it's back.

Chavtastic )
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And so are Summer, Sean, Nathan, Jewel, Morena, Christina Hendricks and Jonathan Woodward. Oh and the MC's some guy called Neil Roberts, who I've never heard of, but is incredibly funny.

I have restrained from buying set photo's, but have tickets to have my photo taken with Sean, Summer, Jewel, Morena and Nathan. Am now meant to be going back down for the disco, but am absolutely shattered.

And Yay! for hotels with complementary wireless connectivity. And Yay! for husbands who offer to lend their wireless enabled laptops.
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Serenity2. today!

Very, very excited.  I even went out and bough new underwear!  (And discovered that Marks and Sparks are actually selling a pretty maternity bra.  (Because up until now, pregnant women have only wanted to buy plain white monstrosities /sarcasm)

About two months ago I posted on the UK Browncoats forum, asking if anyone fancied sharing a room.  A user called bexsthebeast contacted me me, and after a bit of conversation, it turned out that she wanted to stay in a different hotel, wwhich was much cheaper, whilst I wanted to stay in the Rad so as not to miss out on anything.  We agreed to that we'd be each other's fall back, in case we couldn't find any one else to share with, and we were just finishing the conversation, when I looked at her profile.  She had exactly the same date of birth as me.

I was just about to send her an email, when I looked again at her user name.  Thought it was a fairly good chance her real name was Becky, saw she was living in London.  So in the email I asked her if she used to live in Bristol, she replied yes, and had gone to Emlea Primary and Colston Girls, should she know who I was?  I replied with my real name (and maiden name), and yep we went to school together, and whilst never stayed in contact, were pretty good friends.

So after that we had to share a room, and tonight I will see Becky for the first time in twelve years.


So I don't think series two of Little Britain was anywhere as good as series one, and don't think series three is going to be any better.  But I will forgive them anything for ASH in nothing but a leather thong and a feather duster...


And from an idle wondering, does anyone know of any good Take That RPF/RPS?  And no I didn't watch the Take That documentary last night, what ever gave you that idea?  *Whistles innocently*

Nathan 1

Aug. 25th, 2005 10:52 am
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Nathan 1
Originally uploaded by TheDivineGoat.
The extremely rugged and handsome Mr Fillion at the Birmingham screening last night. No spoilers in the photos. (Apart from the fact Nathan and Morena were in the film ;-) )

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I'm no longer feeling down. 'cos DOCTOR WHO SQUEEEE! (Link slightly on the spoilery side.)

And discussion of said spoilers... )
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Look who sat next to me at lunch!

Isn't he lovely?

Today was absolutely wonderful.  I ate so much I could barely eat any supper. River Cottage HQ is beautiful.  And as to be expected the gardens are amazing. (I ate Sugar Snap Peas straight from the vine. I have eaten Hugh's peas). And the food we cooked was divine.  (Deep Fried Stuffed Courgette Flowers for instance).

And Hugh sat next to me during lunch and I didn't say anything stupid, and came across as quite intelligent.  (In fact, when we were all talking about Live 8, and the guy opposite us said he couldn't see the point because it wouldn't change anything; I disagreed and said that it was better to try something, no matter how crazy, than sitting there saying that nothing was going to change because it was too complicated.  And Hugh agreed with me!!!)


(He is very lovely, and down to earth.  And has a french wife.)

Also the four ladies from Yorkshire told me I had a lovely husband.  And I agree.  Best present ever. :-)
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Yesterday was amazing.  Nothing I say is going to adquately convey just how completely fabulous yesterday was, but I'll do my best.

The journey up wasn't too bad, we parked in Feltham, in the RAC office block, and then caught the train in from there, got to Hyde Park about 1:20pm. And then stood in a que.  For the next hour.

Which wasn't quite as bad as I had been fearing, but I was amazed at the number of people who were doing their best to ensure they were drunk before they got in.  I'll never understand that mindset. I was also astounded at the number of people who, when we got to the entrance, turned out to have been queing without tickets.  Did they really think they were going to be able to blag their way in? (And they were in addition to the scores of people wandering around holding up signs begging for tickets.)

Sadly we missed U2 and Paul McCartney, finally getting in just before Coldplay started.

Um, it was big.  Very big.  And there were lots of people. Lots and lots of people. But so totally amazing.

Very quick run down

Coldplay - Wonderful, loved their segue into Rocking All Over the World, and Richard Ashcroft joining them for Bittersweet Symphony was brilliant.

Elton John - Whether you like his music or not, this man knows how to perform.  Amazing energy.  The less said about Pete Doherty the better. (Completely shit-faced)

Dido - She was slightly wobbly, especially on the high notes, but no one seemed to care. Her duet with Youssou N'Dour was fantastic, even though she is no replacement for Neneh Cherry.  (Two girls in front of me. "Oh, I've heard this song before.  He did it with this woman. Um.. Neneh Cherry?" "Who?" *cries* )

Stereophonics: Didn't do anything for me. Meh.

REM: Were amazing. (Count how many times I use this word in this post).  Everyone in our part of the crowd was singing along, and clapping.  Fabulous.

Miss Dynamite: I think I enjoyed her, but I can't actually remember it.  Which is strange as I do like her stuff.

Keane: I missed their set as I was getting food and getting grabbed by a drunk ape. But I don't think they were well known enough.

Travis: Another act who got the whole crowd dancing. Loved Fran Healey's attempt to do Staying Alive, including the tight underpants to aid with the high pitch.

Bob Geldof: The BBC site was a bit sniffy about this, but the crowd loved it. It was definitely one of the more atmospheric songs of the day, and Bob oozed charisma during it. (It was also during this song, I started to find him attractive.  Which was disturbing...)

Annie Lennox: As ever she was outstanding. Simply outstanding

UB40: Started off slowly, but once they got to Red Red Wine, it really picked up, and everybody, and I mean everybody, sang along to can't help falling in love with you.

Snoop Dogg: One of the funniest things about this set was watching the 50-something couple next to me trying to dance along. Was really good, but seemed to drag on a bit.

Razorlight: Not impressed with these guys.  Semed to see themselves as Rock Gods, andcompletely up themselves.  Their music was nothing special.

Madonna: She had the crowd eating out of her hands. Absolutely spectacular.

Snow Patrol: Another band who I think suffered from not being well know.  But the performance was incredible, and the crowd seemed to warm to them.

Sadly at this point we had to leave to catch trains, and I'm sad we missed the later acts, but the acts we got to see - mind-blowing.

Completely shattered today, but so worth it.
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*Loves FL impartially*

Life is good.

Tomorrow. - Live8 @ Hyde Park

Tuesday - River Cottage with Hugh

Friday - Owen's sports day and then in the afternoon [ profile] twinkledru arrives.

I have made a Doctor Who vid.

Someone posted The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist on [ profile] audiography


ETA I have video of CE reading the Bedtime Story on Cbeebies. I have Mondays and todays. Will post on Sunday.
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More Doctor Who spam

Look what [ profile] boji found

Captain Jack, Giles and Wesley in the same room!  Squeeee!

Can you imagine the fic? (Actually, could you please write the fic?)
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[ profile] sangga  wrote me Doctor Who fic - Deshabille.

It's beautiful Doctor/Rose with dressing up, (or not).

Go and tell her how cool she is...

ETA [ profile] nostalgia_lj has done a photo guide to The New Season of Doctor Who
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[ profile] ffutures pointed out the cutest Dalek Mood theme ever. I'm seriously thinking of using it, even though it took me forever to set up my current theme.

Is it Christmas yet?
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OH... MY... GOD...


You were fantastic )


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