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I've just read a fic where Buffy was near to tears, but sucked them back in before they fell. That's some pretty impressive eyelid muscles she's got there.
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I need help. I'm addicted to this really bad piece of West Wing Fic. It's addictive in the worst possible way. Not because the taut storytelling won't let me go, but despite it's poor spelling, grammar, characterization and plot, I can't stop reading each installment as it appears on the list. Even though it kills a bit more of my brain each time.

I keep swearing I'm not going to read anymore, but it pops up in my inbox and I have no choice but to read it. And OH MY GOD it's awful.

Please, someone put me out of my misery. (Or at least send me a bottle of Jamesons to dull the pain. 12 year special reserve for preference.)
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A lot of people I know within fandoms hate, with a fiery passion, archives like or I personally quite like them. Firstly I can while a way many an hour reading the godawful summaries people post for their stories.


An Brennan and Emma story. All that I will write as an summary till I know where I'm going. I will probably change the Rating as I go along also. -

Mutant X finds a new mutant. Adam falls for her. And certain members of the team realize they have feelings for one another. Chapter 4!!! (Could the new Mutant's first name possibly be Mary? ;-) )

this is going to be pg-13 later for some swearing but right now its just G. The male members of mutant x are acting strange. what is worng with them? will the girls figure it out in time? read and find out! S/B!

One of the team members discovers someone they thought they'd lost forever... yeah well I hate summaries...

Brennan has a sister that he didn’t know about and now Magnito and Eckhart have her. So the X-men and Mutant X join together. Rated P-13 for language not to much of it though. ok i removed chapter 2 cause it stunk in my oppinion but i am rewritting it.

Scary huh?

The second reason I like this sites is that when you do come across a good story, it has all the more impact on you.

For instance (you knew this was coming didn't you?) today, whilst trawling though (sp. The Dark Arts) I came across The Diary of Gregory J. Turnpike by Tess. It's one of those stories that has you reading merrily along, think it's one thing, when it wallops you over the head and announces it's another.

And her other stories...


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