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So my parents, in their infinite wisdom, named me Joanna and my sister Josephine, (for the record my parents are/were named Jenny and John - they swear blind the alliteration of our names wasn't deliberate) and we have mostly gone through life being known as Jo and Josie. Every now and then there would be confusion when one of my sisters friends would take it upon themselves to shorten her name further and phone up and ask for Jo.

Only now a newspaper has confused the two names and I read the article knowing it's about my sister, but I had this small creeping feeling it's about me. I know it's purely because I know the Jo they are referring to is my sister - I don't normally have this problem reading about Jo's (in case it sounds as if I'm seriously egotistical ;-)) - but it was a very weird feeling.

If anyone's interested in seeing how my kids are growing, I've stuck a batch of photos up at flickr - here.

My friend isn't actually mentioned in this article, but her mother and father in law are, as is her husband.

RTD goes to Hollywood - Awesome webcomic on how RTD's move to Hollywood could go.

This post is in support of PHSE being taught in schools. Warning: Triggery for rape and gang rape.

Does anyone else read the 99? I'm up to issue ten atm moment, (waiting for next month to buy some more), and I'm really enjoying it.

And finally I am being secretly judge-y about anyone/blog/article that asks 'where were you during the moon landing?' without the slightest nod to the fact that a significant part of their audience hadn't actually been born then.

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Jul. 20th, 2009 08:56 pm
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"Tiff Needell has just been rolled in the hay by John Barrowman."

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An oblique spoiler for CofE )


Jul. 10th, 2009 11:18 pm
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Bring on Series Four.

Do I need to say spoilery? )


Jul. 9th, 2009 10:00 pm
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Jun. 17th, 2009 10:37 pm
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I imagine everyone who wants one has got one by now but does anyone want a DW invite code?

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Firstly please tell me that someone has written Captain James Kirk(reboot)/Captain Jack Harkness. Because if no one has my faith in fandom has been destroyed.

Secondly I know when The Day After Tomorrow first came out there was a smattering of fanfic for it (albeit mostly crossovers placing other fandoms within the events of the film), but does anyone know of any fic dealing with the aftermath? What did America do with most of it's citizens refugees in Mexico? Long term do they find ways to live and making livings in the snow bound areas of their land? I want to know how the world has changed with the northern hemisphere reduced to snowfields? Please tell me someone wrote this.

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Doug, in a fit of nostalgia, downloaded and is watching Breakdance the Movie.

He's been watching it for about half an hour.

Doug: You know, I'm sure that when I was thirteen this film had actors in it.

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Jay Kenneth Griffiths. Born at 33wk +2 gestation, 3lb 1oz. Born screaming, so his lungs are in pretty good shape. (In fact they're talking about taking him off oxygen tomorrow). Unfortunately my sister is still pretty poorly, (pre-eclampsia is not fun) and thirty hours later is still in recovery. She is steadily improving though, she's just got to take it very easy.

She started off in the Bath RUH, where she's been since last week on bed rest. Only Bath didn't have the necessary NICU cot for the baby, so she was told she could end up anywhere in the south west. Cornwall, Swindon, Cardiff. Anywhere. Where did she end up? My local hospital, Abergavenny. ;-)

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What's a good online UK book retailer? (That isn't amazon)

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I got married at 22. I have four children. I dropped out of A-Levels and didn't go to university. For the last eleven years I have gone by my husband's surname. I am a Stay At Home Mother.

None of this makes me any less of a feminist. None of this makes me any less of a person.

Anyone who thinks differently can go fuck themselves.

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Star Trek

May. 23rd, 2009 07:22 am
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Very quickly, (hopefully a more thoughtful review later) as we're off to the Hay Festival now, but

OMG! I'm in love.

I suspect, like more than a few people in my DW circle/ LJ Friendslist, Star Trek got me through some very unhappy teenaged years of being bullied at school. And then just being unhappy. And once TNG came along Wil Wheaton was cute. (What? I was sixteen!)

Last night was a little like coming home. It got to the end and "Space the Final Frontier" and I was sat there with a huge grin on my face. I came out and wanted to go straight back in to watch it again. So, so awesome.

(I recognised that there was a fair amount of Genderfail in it, but I want to dwell on that later.)

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May. 22nd, 2009 05:58 pm
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Just off into Brecon to finally see Star Trek.

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So Cullyn brought home a booklet from school - one of these Help your Child to Read (cos if you don't do this you're a shitty parent) and please make use of this voucher to buy one of our fine products (50p off if you spend £50) things.

Page 7 read thus

Let boys be boys and girls be girls

Until the day your daughter expresses an interest in rocket science or your son gets into show jumping, you won't go far wrong if you try them out with these kinds of books...

  • ...enjoy books about their interests - especially dinosaurs!
  • books that are a bit scary, funny or have silly jokes.
  • ...often have a shorter attention span, so books you can dip in and out of may work better for them. Try comic strip books and non fiction.
  • ...prefer big, bold, colourful illustrations or things that can be moved or touched.
  • reading to have a purpose, for example books that show you how to make things.

  • ...enjoy series of books about the same characters.
  • to listen to talking books and watch DVDs of favourite books.
  • ...enjoy a bit of fantasy, magic and make believe - princesses, castles, etc. like sparkle and glitter on the pages.
  • enjoy books that have props with them - dolls, soft toys, dressing-up clothes.


    I will of course be complaining to the school, and to the fuckhead at the local education authority who thought it would a good idea to send this crap out, so any suggestions for good turns of phrases will be gratefully received.

    I need a feminist rage icon.

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I have a [info]lithiumdoll! And a [info]doccy! Or rather they have me because I am in Cornwall.

I gave [info]lithiumdoll Kenneth William's eye, and there was Hugh Jackman's primal self. (And alcohol. But that's a given isn't it?) And I scared [ profile] mostlyarmed with my wierd fanny fanfic. And [info]doccy will be bearing my children. Did I mention the alcohol?

(I got nostalgic for X-men fandom around the time the first movie came out).

Now we're off to the Eden Project.

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I've been thinking a bit about how I'm going to run my DW & LJ accounts, now I actually have a DW account, and the crossposter is working, (albeit in alpha form).

One thing I've been wondering about, is the whole commenting thing. The crossposter allows you turn off comments at LJ, and redirect people to DW. (The theory being, that if you've got an account at LJ you can comment at DW with your openid).

Having seen some of the wank going down in the last few days I have to ask - if you read my journal, but are not yet on DW, and have no plans to be, would being directed to DW be a deterent to commenting? (I say this as if I write loads of interesting posts that people are falling over themselves to post on. ;-) )

If it is a deterent, why?


Apr. 19th, 2009 12:28 pm
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Doug has set up a SmugMug account and is planning to put his photos up for sale, only we're not sure how much he should charge for them.

Would you guys mind looking at the photo's in his gallery, and then answering the poll below. (If you could answer as if you liked them and wanted to buy a photo, that would be great. ;-) )

(All sizes are in inches)

[Poll #1386168]
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  • Shiny

    I want. I can't really afford, but I want. (I also really like this one too).

  • Crap

    Much thanks to the practice nurse who refused to give me antibiotics for my sinusitis, which has now probably caused, according to my dentist, the really fucking painful tooth infection. I think I wouldn't have minded so much, but she was so pratronising about it. I'd been ill for three weeks, with really painful sinuses, had been coughing up green gunk, so I don't think it it was over reaction on my part to go to the doctors. Plus I can tell the difference between normal, I-have-four-kids-and-haven't-slept-though-the-night-(apart from the three nights at VidUKon) in-three-years-tiredness and illness induced exhaustion. Fortunately my very nice dentist prescribed me antibiotics anyway, although I'm still having to take painkillers for a couple of days until the anti-biotics have had time to work. (I had to switch from ibruprofen to co-codamol, as the ibruprofen was giving me stomach pains.)

  • Wot she said

    [ profile] seperis answering some of Dreamwidth's detractors.

  • Hopefully I get my laptop back tomorrow, complete with working keyboard. Yay!
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So I have committed communities. Three of them. earworm, dreamfic and breastfeeding.

(Yep, that's a community for Dreamwidth fanfiction). ;-)

List of Communities on the Dreamwidth wiki

dw_community_promo is worth friending to keep track of new communities.

I want to totally re-write my bio on my profile, but everything I try to write sounds pretentious or humourless. The sad thing is I think if I had been reading it in someone else's page, I would have thought it fine.

Will have to have another bash at it tomorrow.

Have been pretty amazed at how quickly Amazon Rank fail has spread over my Reading Circle and Friends List. On my FL I had six posts in a row on it, including a post in a Torchwood comm.

*Well it wasn't like I spent all day in front of the computer, it's just I wrote the text of the post this morning, decided I needed a Hardison** icon, and only managed to finish over twelve hours later.

** OK Parker stole invite codes, Hardison submitted bug fixes and Eliot joined omnomnom *cough* *cough*
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(Last night I posted my subject line as a tweet. It took me three attempt to lolcat it. For a dyslexic with bad spelling I find mis-spelling deliberately incredibly hard to do.)

I have a Dreamwidth account! I have sent off my first invite!

*Pets the shiny*

I am so ridiculously excited by Dreamwidth - a couple of nights ago I dreamt I got an invite code in the dw_discuss and Open ID lottery and then was disproportionally disappointed on waking to realise it was just a dream and I didn't have an invite. BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! *\o/*

I'm not leaving LJ completely - I have a perm account, and there's several non-fandom comms which I now will stay on LJ, plus I doubt everyone on my FL will migrate, but DW will probably become my primary home and I'll crosspost to LJ.

(Also, I've already given out the one invite code I had, but if I get any more, is there anyone else who wants one?)

Crossposted from Dreamwidth


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