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I have just watched the latest episodes of Numb3rs and SGA and they are making me exceedingly giddy.

Robin Hood )

Travellers )

However, I've been reading people opinions on the episodes and I just want to say this - STOP BEING SO FUCKING THREATENED BY THE WOMEN. You know it's great you like pretty boys together - I've read far more McKay/Shepherd than anything else in SGA, and whilst incest in Numb3rs squicks me and is one of my few non-slash fandoms, (excepting femslash cause Megan/Amita so, so hot) I will defend your right to write it. However talking about what a slut Amita is, and how Alan can't stand her, does not make your Don/Charlie or Colby/Charlie ship stronger or weaker. And constantly talking about how Lyrran (or Chaya) has no chemistry with John also has no bearing on how many times John has fucked Rodney til they both saw stars. Somebody does not have a finite amount of chemistry, that once spent with someone means they'll never have chemistry with anyone else. Some people have so much chemistry they have it with inanimate objects. (John/Ancient Technology OTP!). And when you constantly have to shout so loud about x's lack of attraction to a woman, I start to wonder why you are trying so hard to convince yourself.

(No really, please lay off Amita. She may not be as awesome as Megan, but that's purely lack of experience - give her a few years and she'll matching Megan awesome for awesome. And given that Megan is THE MOST AWESOME FEMALE CHARACTER ON TV TODAY, that's a hell of a lot of awesome. And FYI Alan loves her. She's his best chance of grandchildren)

Also for the record. AMITA IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC. And if you think so, Megan will be visiting you shortly to defend her girlfriend's honour.

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So, I've been mentally composing posts in my head for ages, but each one starts of with an explanation of why I haven't posted for ages, and then descends into whining about too many children, husbands in Norwich and imminent nervous breakdowns. And I don't want my LJ posts to be whining about how hard my life is. So please take it as read any unexplained absences are due to RL getting over demanding.

I am hideously behind on fandom, and am behind on nearly all the shows I watch, not helped by the fact I've started watching Eureka and Heroes in addition to NCIS, Numb3rs, Supernatural and SGA. Given that I have to wait for Doug to be around to watch these, and then we both have to in the mood for telly watching, and the kids have got to co-operate, (we're having a fun time with the girls bedtimes at the moment. I can't remember the last time I managed to watch a programme all the way through without having to pause it at least once), it's been incredibly easy to slip behind with our viewing. (Which means there's a huge amount of fic I'm not reading at the moment as I don't want to be spoiled).

By the way - I am so totally in love with Megan from Numb3rs and Teyla from SGA and they are now my crossover OTP.


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... who don't read

There's a post about a three wheeler car built 70 years ago by a 17 year old boy. Pretty cool story. The best bit?

He called it Philbert the Puddle Jumper.

In other news, it's yet another week of Doug working in Norwich, and with Mum having made it painfully clear she can't spare any time to help me, the only thing keeping me hanging onto a thread of sanity is that Owen is in school during the day.

This morning I phoned my friend and begged her to talk to me, otherwise I was going to go into the road and start screaming.

It shall pass, it shall pass.


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