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Firstly I am so trying this recipe [ profile] taraljc linked to. Chocolate cake in a mug, what's not to love?

Also someone linked to this tiny flame war between Simon Pegg and Charlie Brooker on running zombies. CB argument can be boiled down to "Well the running zombies are your fault for making Shaun of the Dead too good."

Incidentally Shaun of the Dead is the only zombie movie I have ever seen, and is likely to remain the only Zombie movie I have ever seen. I could only watch it because Doug had watched it before and could tell me when to close my eyes and put my fingers in my ears. I am notoriously bad with scary/gory stuff. Not just at the time of watching, but in nightmares afterwards. I managed to watch Jurassic Park and the cinema with friends, but then went on to have nightmares for a month afterwards. Doug suggesting we went to see JP2 was enough to trigger a weeks worth of nightmares.

(Some of the effects can be quite humourous for the observer though - the very first time I played Doom, [original flavour] my avatar went round a corner, came face to face with some aliens, and promptly turned around and ran away. Doug couldn't stop laughing at me. Playing the original Tomb Raider, when attack by the T-rex in dinosaur valley, I freaked out so much Doug had to take over for me. /shame)

Zombies particularly scare me though, when playing Oblivion, (and I must get Bootcamp running so I can reload it. I adore Oblivion) if any cave, mine or fort had Zombies, I had to use an invisibility mod (CHEAT!) to get through the level. I couldn't cope when they attacked me. I FAIL SO HARD. ;-)
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Look who sat next to me at lunch!

Isn't he lovely?

Today was absolutely wonderful.  I ate so much I could barely eat any supper. River Cottage HQ is beautiful.  And as to be expected the gardens are amazing. (I ate Sugar Snap Peas straight from the vine. I have eaten Hugh's peas). And the food we cooked was divine.  (Deep Fried Stuffed Courgette Flowers for instance).

And Hugh sat next to me during lunch and I didn't say anything stupid, and came across as quite intelligent.  (In fact, when we were all talking about Live 8, and the guy opposite us said he couldn't see the point because it wouldn't change anything; I disagreed and said that it was better to try something, no matter how crazy, than sitting there saying that nothing was going to change because it was too complicated.  And Hugh agreed with me!!!)


(He is very lovely, and down to earth.  And has a french wife.)

Also the four ladies from Yorkshire told me I had a lovely husband.  And I agree.  Best present ever. :-)
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Does anyone know how to make Bread Pudding? I really fancy some, but the only recipe I have is in the Mrs Beeton my Mum gave me - a fascimilie first edition. Interesting on the sociological side, but not very helpful with modern methods, ingredients and equipment.

The Bread Pudding I made today, was v. soggy and tasted strange. So if any of you know of a proven bread pudding recipe, (the stodgier the better!), please let me know.

What Is Your Heart Really Made of )


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