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I promise I've got lots of housework to do today, so I'm really not going to be Spammy McSpamerson, but favourite bouncy and upbeat music to do said housework to?

If you happen to have a Spotify playlist PLEASE LINK ME.

Also having a second can of Red Bull straight after finishing the first one would be a stupid thing to do, wouldn't it?

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Vid Bunny Music Exchange

If you’ve ever thought of a song perfect for vidding, with no idea what vid it to, or had an idea for a vid but couldn't find the perfect so song use, then welcome to the Vid Bunny Music Exchange!

The idea is to pimp less well known music and in turn discover new music yourself. (Non-vidders are welcome to join in too, after all who doesn’t love new music?)


1. Post up to 10 Songs, (no more than 3 per artist)

2. Please post each song as a separate comment in its best fit genre

3. Please use the following format

Subject Line: Amy Wadge - Breathe

Title: Breathe
Artist: Amy Wadge
Album: WOJ
Artist Website:
Listen: iTunes, Maestro
Buy: iTunes &

I love the relentless flow of this song, and the lyrics are just perfect for a fandom setting.

5. Please don’t link file sharing sites in the comments as I don't want to attract the attention of the heavy squad in a unlocked post!

6. Please pimp far and wide, (without spamming!)

Thanks to [ profile] halcyon_shift for the banner, which seeing as she's to blame for all of this...

* If possible, please include a link so that people can listen to the song online. Sites that might be helpful -Listen to music free online )


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