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I just watched the Jonathan Creek episode Jack in the Box (S01E02). My main thought boils down to - Jesus mobiles were huge in those days. Also I doubt that they would show Maddy trying to drive and use the mobile at the same time nowadays, let alone make a joke of it.

I looked up the air dates and Maddy's last episode aired nearly nine years ago, which seems too long ago. Plus there weren't nearly enough of them.

I then watched Mother Redcap (S02E06) [the torrent is coming down really slowly, and it was the next complete file I had] which has one of the scenes of the entire series I'm most fannish about.

I mean, I don't really ship Maddy/Jonathan, but their relationship is one of the things that always made the show for me. I don't read it as consistantly sexual (although it has it's moments!), but they do care very deeply for one another. So whilst I love that they spend most of their time insulting each other and refuting any feelings, it makes those little moments where their love for each other shows all the more sweeter.

So Jonathan's "I could have killed you." has been most of the basis for my fannish love for the show.

I just wish David Renwick hadn't taken Caroline Quentin's going to ITV so personally. And based on Jonathan's line in the NY day episode, he's still pissed off by it. (I however am choosing to take the line as evidence that Jonathan feels the loss of Maddy much more than he feels Carla's. My fannish denial, let me show it)

Now I just have to wait for next episode to come down.

And if there's more than one person on my FL who cares about any of this I will me surprised.

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thanks to this article. (link via [ profile] musesfool. Gankable with credit


I have started to re-watch Jonathan Creek from the beginning episode, complete with Tony Head as Adam Kraus, Colin Baker as the murder victim and Alistair McGowan as Maddy's boyfriend. I still totally *heart* Maddy.



That is all.
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"And her predecessor who pissed off to the states"

Call me a crazy denialist, but to me that screams a relationship that went badly and yet he still feels deeply.

(I want Maddy back).

(Return to form though. As much as I love Julia Sawalha, I hated Carla)


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